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  1. That was me. The Sens store was anything but honest upfront but they did correct the issue for me.
  2. absolutely ridiculous....but you don't even have to be a canucks fan to like those sweaters..they're just mesmerizing. #mindblown
  3. Was never of a fan of the "D", this could have been the opportunity to revive the old "Mighty" theme and duck-bill mask. A pass for me.
  4. The Rangers relied on Henrik more than the Kings did on Quick in game 5. The flurry of shots on net against the Rangers in the OT periods speak for themselves.
  5. Best game I have seen in a long time. NYR played their hearts out...hats off to everyone who was part of tonight.
  6. HUGE Duchene you got there! Enjoy and congrats!
  7. Glad I didn't order a Florida (wanted Huberdeau...vector + piping rules that out) but am pleased to see the Hurricanes jerseys are 2.0s...I really want to get a Skinner now...
  8. bb83...how do you sleep with yourself at night knowing you don't own every 'Nucks gamer that has ever existed?
  9. Gretzky maybe a tad too obvious but who cares? Those things are so hard to get a hold of...I wouldn't "waste" it on anything less than Wayne if it were me.
  10. I have a Zibanejad converted already. You can see the vector outline from inside of the jersey but EPS applies the woodmark to a piece of edge material and sows that on so that it covers any trace of the vector logo. Not 100% accurate either but it's a hell of a lot closer if your player never wore a vector with that team. Pick your poison.
  11. Emailed EPS, they said loose wordmarks would be $15 a pop, and converting a jersey from vector to wordmark would be $25 per jersey. I believe they make the wordmark patches themselves. The vector looks like its considerably harder to replicate so I don't they'll be able to do the reverse conversion.
  12. I think it's infinitely cool how the Flames use their old Atlanta logo as their alternate captain badge.
  13. Is this gentleman a member on here? I want to do a deal with him outside eBay but want to scope it own before hand. http://www.ebay.com/usr/jesus333donald?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  14. 1987 pre-season? Sort of how Alfredsson wore #63 before his first regular season. Only my guess though.
  15. That's okay if I can get it for under $80. Just want a beater to wear to restaurants or pubs. Kings jerseys don't have shoulder patches so their premiers don't have the opportunity to fail in that regard.
  16. You said this to guam Pretty clear what you are talking about. What the hell are you talking about? How am I attributing that statement to you. Holy #### you guys can't read.
  17. Again...In your rushed attempt at looking cool you have again failed to use even basic reading comprehension. The only time I mentioned "price fixing" was when dsl made reference to our eariler discussion involving JB and his secret sources. Not the example regarding RCS..please read carefully. Thank you. And buying out a whole stock of items at one price and then setting your own price when there are no alternatives for the consumer is absolutely market manipulation. It wouldn't necessarily "lover" the price. My example involves 1 buyer and no competition. The number of suppliers hasn't changed, the price has stayed the same or has gone up. The jerseys basically just changed hands between merchants and only the buyer merchant benefits from the sale price. Perhaps if you read the thread more carefully before rushing off to reply you'd be able to see the facts and reason in my posts. How is it hypocritical? I never demeaned anyone for responding. I simply said "nothing more to say". You are old enough to realize what that phrase means or implies. It's not supposed to be taken as a literal "I will say no more", but rather a realization of the fact that no more can be gained from the discussion, It has absolutely nothing to do with having the last word but somehow i'm not surprised that went over your head. I don't disagree with that. I was simply arguing from my perspective, someone who buys for personal use/collection only. My examples weren't aimed at anyone here, if you read from start to finish you'll notice that. I brought up a hypothetical for the purpose to demonstrating how on a larger scale the situation isn't really fair for the small-timers or single item buyers. Jesus....
  18. Pretty confident you are trying really hard to discredit my position to the point where you are all talk and no bite. Anyone can say "You don't know anything, google is your friend." It takes a ounce of intelligence and maturity to confront my position with a counter-argument. Explain how i'm wrong, elaborate. Otherwise it's all just fluff. Reading comprehension is an issue with several members here from what i've discovered. This is the post that caused such enormous backlash: "There is a reason many retail outlets hold limits per customer, especially when sought-after items go on sale over 50% off. KG is only selling 1 jersey, but imagine someone comes along and buys the whole stock and sells them for exactly what they were listed pre-sale or more. That's when it becomes a problem." That is a problem for anyone trying to get a break on that sale. Really? Check again. You've all obviously taken offense at my otherwise reasonable, if opinionated post. Not only that but you guys hurl insults my way, degrade and trivialize my position and in summary act like a bunch of baboons at a zoo...why? Because I said if it'd be a problem for genuine buyers if someone with the cash came along and effectively shut down the sale? You are arguing for the sake of arguing. Um, no. You cannot just totally flame me, disregard my argument with a cheap response like "Yep, he's bitter." and then act like i'm harassing you guys for responding. I know perfectly well he's talking about, and the fact that he think's i'm that petty is just a reflection of his own personality. He loves having the last laugh so much that he expects and interprets the same of others. I couldn't care less who has the last word because ultimately this isn't even a discussion. You guys are just stroking each other's egos and making this forum an ugly place to give an opinion over 1 comment I made. Seriously?
  19. Easily illustrates your mentality. Everything is about having the "last word"...not about just letting it alone and moving on....
  20. Uh, no. The argument was clearly over but you just couldn't just let it lie. You are way too puerile and childish to do something like that. You want to stir it up, admit it.
  21. Notice i'm not pressing the issue. guam brought this discussion back yet suddenly i'm the enemy of equanimity. Just speaks to the culture and character of some of the guys here. Keep posting family guy videos as your rebuttal, really astute.
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