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  1. is this guide accurate? only ccm/koho are semi pro? everything else is a replica? nike/bauer even?
  2. in the early years i have a few with the single tag, and the tag says ccm by maska (100% polyester). red/blue ccm screenprint on the tail. it's that real bad polyester that snags when you walk through a stiff breeze. if those are semipro than a replica must have been terrible. then i have a few that have the screenprinted ccm on the back and the large ice rink tag. the material feels similar to the ones with the maska tag, but smoother. maybe just because they're not as worn. then i have what i believe is the semi pro 550 with the embroidered ccm patch sewn on the tail with a logo next to it. and the ice rink tag. i have some with a different tag at the back of the neck that is the same size as the rink but is blue and black. then all kinds of combinations of all but the earliest, rink necktag +unembroidered patch tailtag, unembroidered patch tailtag+ccm patch on sleeve+new necktag, 550 ccm tailtag+ orange nhl puck patch on tail+non rink necktag. i'm so confused.
  3. saw this today in a thrift store in case anyone else likes terrible s***
  4. i found the guy. close but no cigar. that one is cool tho, i didnt know they existed. the one i'm looking for looks like the tigers from 1920. thanks cjerina
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