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  1. I now need a Larianov and a Kozlov to complete a Russian 5 set.
  2. '99-'00 jerseys are also easy to pick out, because it was the only year jerseys had the manufacturer on the bottom hem w/ the silver/black nhl logo.
  3. I'm surprised that they were making replicas for fans that long ago. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970s-BUFFALO-SABRES-DURENE-VINTAGE-HOCKEY-JERSEY-DUREEN-1960s-ADULT-GERRY-COSBY-/252245853208?hash=item3abb064418:g:vbIAAOSwQM9UZZtu
  4. I know it's not very original, but you kind of have to go with Lecavalier on the Lightning. It wasn't much of a roster.
  5. Very nice. I'm surprised I missed that one. I usually grab these if they are 44/48 and less than $100.
  6. Another key factor is Zetterberg making Toews irrelevant at best, and possibly a liability. You could see how frustrated Toews was in game 4, but it's been going on the entire series. Same game plan as in '09 when Z shut down Crosby. The rookie line (especially Nyquist) is really stepping it up in the playoffs as well. I would have to say the three stars of the series so far are: 1) Howard 2) Z 3) the posts
  7. All prices include US shipping. Everything is in excellent used condition - no stains or rips. Yzerman 6100 Size 48 (same style as worn the year he retired) $175 Lidstrom 6100 Size 48 (perfect for an Yzerman retirement patch) $175
  8. I actually prefer wearing a home Tigers hat w/ my Wings jerseys over a Wings hat.
  9. I am loving this Wings/Hawks series. It's nice to finally be on the other side - playing well with no expectations against a better team on paper. Oh, and phantom interference calls going against the other team instead of Holmstrom.
  10. There was so very much wrong with puckboy's post, it's not even worth a response. Thank you Mnwildfan and chow hound for legit responses. Mnwidlfan - please post pics when you get the jersey back. Chow hound - have you done it & do you have pics?
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