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  1. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    can i know what u do for living that u can afford all these beauties? lol congrats again,and love the Rypien jersey too....
  2. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    OMG beaaaaaaautiful jersey,i saw that too,wasnt the right time to grab it,congrats to u sir
  3. hey,are those all game worn jerseys?? if so i gotta say WOW, thats amazing collection.....
  4. ive seen ur room on other sites, one of the nicest man caves i have ever ever ever seen in my life,too bad im not a hawks fan though AMAZING WORK.....
  5. love the Letang AS jersey,congrats
  6. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Than,s Brandon,ive seen all ur post,ur knwledge about jerseys amazing,welldone.....thx for the link,couldnt c it on my ipad,gotta wait till i get ome thx again everyone......this is a great site with great members ))
  7. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Haha,ya i knw what u mean,when i scroll down the pages i only see what my mind actually wanna see Thx for the pic correction too....
  8. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Thank u so much,great to get a reply from a Pro so this is not the only 1 jersey of him from that All Star game!? Cuz i thought this is like sooo rare/unique and its the only one,in the card world basically a 1/1 Cuz i knw for example,Daniel probably wears like +10 jerseys a season,but in the all star game i thought they only wear that 1 jersey? Guess im wrong,right? What do u think the value of it is? Again,thank u for ur reply
  9. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Hello all,im new to this site,ive been collecting sports memorabilia since i moved to this country 12 yrs ago,mostly signed cards and photos....Im very new to the authentic jersey market,i dont much about jerseys other than whats replica,whats authentic.A week ago i saw this site,i browsed thru all the 240 pages of this thread and was like,woww awesome jerseys here,wish i can own 1 soon..... AND THIS IS WHY IM EXCITED TODAY AND POSTING THIS......Went to a friend of a friend restaurant,this guy has only seen me a few times an is a Redwings fan and a Canucks hater,he came up to my table and said,i got u something,im like what? He showed me this beauty,i was in love within seconds,i couldnt believe my eyes that im holding a game worn Daniel Sedin jersey from the 2011 NHL All Star game,so i told him,ur not a canucks fun,u should sell it to me,hes like,this is for u buddy,i was like what?!!! Hes like its urs,u can have it,im like,i cant afford it,he said i dont want any money,its ur gift!!! That almost brought tears to my eyes,i couldnt believe a friend of a friend,that has only seen me a few times given me something of this value,and his reason was,i knw how passionate u r with ur canucks and memorabilia and the sport of hockey in general,so enjoy...... This was one of the best gifts i ever got (other than when my dad gave me Sega Game Gear for my 13th bday), i will always keep this jersey and cherish for the rest of my life..... Please reply with comments and if u can give me any info about this jersey i will appreciate it.....thanks for reading.....what a greeaaaaaat day...... PHOTOMATCH?!?! Am i right? Ive learned by reading u guys posts )
  10. HobbyBox604

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Beautiful collection....selling any??
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