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  1. Yea, I just saw a gamer for Nielsen, there should be green in the 9 as well
  2. Whats wrong with it? The pics i've looked at, nothing stands out horribly wrong
  3. I havent posted in awhile, been too busy to get photos, but here are some i've accumulated... Pre-Season Edge 1.0 Hugo Carpentier Autographed Frolov Jersey - $20 on the bay.
  4. My Gameworn Peverley jersey has that sublistitch...I was disappointed at first, but then thought, if someone were to get a predators jersey customized, it couldnt be as authentic as that! Looks good (I know what you mean by the bikini material)
  5. I'd assume thats a joke.... However, 2010 Gold Medal Game, I was cheering for the Americans. I actually find they run pretty big....Its an XL and i'm swimming in it.
  6. I Hate Team Canada Hockey, But i picked up this, I dont know if i'm keeping it or not, but if i Do, perhaps knowing they finished 8th place finish from the 2006 Olympics while Sweden claimed gold will help clear my conscience
  7. I have three new arrivals Many of you probably haven't heard of this player, but he was one of the players surrounded by the whole "Escape to North America" thing with Evgeni Malkin, Its a Game worn Yaroslavl Locomotiv Andrei Taratukhin Jersey, he was a flames draft pick that didnt want to develop in the AHL so he went back to Russia.... Also, no photomatch, but here is a video of him in it. Its quite the sloppy jersey Next is a Leland Irving Quad Cities Flames Jersey, now in Abbotsford And the last one is a Edmonton Oil Kings Jersey from the WHL
  8. Ahh Joel Bouchard, the second liner of a bad bad Flames team.
  9. Mine is Flames jerseys.....Any Flames jersey, Authentic, Replica, Game Worn...(Minus Anders Eriksson) Also, random other players that interest me Also Game Worn jerseys of players i've heard of!
  10. Its 100% real. Marked down from $400 I dont remember the color, i just looked at the size and price and carried on. I didnt actually see if there was a fight strap, just saw the sizing in 50 and 52 It is called "The Sports Closet" and it's at the Sherwood Park Mall, Sherwood Park, Alberta if you googled it
  11. Hey, my local Jersey store has the Authentic ones for $199.99. They only had size 50 and 52 though I know they are prepared to ship, cause its the same store JeffB got his Norway jersey.
  12. Its the Flyers....You're ALWAYS overpaying... I kid i kid
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