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    The naming difference I believe is that the indo's are called the climalite jersery and have climalite written in the neck area where the MIC are not called this and don't have the writing in the neck area.
  2. Now make like a tree and get out of here.
  3. Edge plates are like gold nowadays but anybody have a blue one for a blue TB jersey? Has to be long enough for Vasilevsky.

    eBay version 4.0

    Happened to me once. Someone bought a jersey off ebay and had it shipped directly to me to customize. Wrong jersey showed up so the dude handled all the communication with the seller and just asked me how much it was for me to mail the jersey to where it was supposed to go. Dude paid me, got refunded from the original seller and I mailed it for him. Wasn't a big deal.
  5. Basically the crest gets taken off the jersey and the top blue layer is removed. Then I'll put a piece of tracing paper over the crest and trace out the outline of the vinyl layer. Cut that out and transfer it to a new piece of vinyl and then put everything back together. Works very well, you might be able to see some small spots on the edge where the new vinyl doesn't cover the old exactly 100% but its better than having the peeling vinyl. If you're thinking why can't this be drawn in a computer and cut exactly by a machine. Well, every single crest is slightly different. An exact cutout might work for one crest but won't match anything else. Every crest has to be done from scratch. Also, depending on the year of the jersey, the St. Louis embroidery might be done right on the blue layer of the crest or sometimes it is done on a small rectangle of twill separate from the crest and stitched on. If I'm working on a crest that has the embroidery on the separate piece I can simply take it off and make a new crest from scratch and then just add it on. I'm pretty sure the separate embroidery crests were Starter jerseys only but I might be wrong on that.
  6. Right on, no problem on getting those done for you. Loving the Blues right now for taking the cup from the stinking Bruins in their own building.
  7. If anybody is interested in a trade I can trade this for a Leafs or Sharks edge 2.0.

    eBay version 4.0

    Curious how this affected your sales to Canada or International True for me for the most part. I'll still buy if its a really inexpensive item or a really good deal that still makes it worth it but for the most part I'll avoid GSP like the plague.
  9. I remember trying to contact these guys back around 2010 when it was known they did team Canada’s Olympic jerseys. Never could get a response or phone call answered. Looks like things haven’t changed.
  10. On these forums the general consensus is that when you want to get a jersey done the order is; Team source EPS Keener everybody else.
  11. TMLFAN

    eBay version 4.0

    Yeah, it was that piece of garbage Wayne Gretzky cutting all the fight straps out of his jerseys.
  12. TMLFAN

    eBay version 4.0

    My number one pet peeve. It takes 10 seconds to just decline an offer. If it’s a lowball offer just immediately decline it and if it’s a little lower than you want than counter offer. What’s so hard? No, the seller has to be a freakin jerk just ignoring it so it expires. Way to go tough guy, you showed them.
  13. Same. Just like with edge 2.0’s eventually stock will get out into the market. I wouldn’t get too excited about JB getting them though unless you’re cool paying $500 for a blank
  14. I got my hands on a bunch of Nordiques blue ultrafil if anybody needs a plate hit me up.
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