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  1. MIC in a size 50? It's happening people. Won't be too much longer.
  2. For the Pens i'm pretty sure they used air-knit on the home and road jerseys. I know for sure 100% that on the white jerseys they wore in the finals the nameplates were edge. They wore the alternate instead of the black in the finals so you don't have to worry there.
  3. Fight back is an aerosol. I’m not sure if it would get it out or not but it’s an option if you want to try it. Honestly it looks pretty much gone in the pics you posted so if I was in your position I would get the new numbers I want to put on and test fit them to the jersey to see what your left with. Maybe what’s left now will be covered by the new stuff and you won’t have to worry about it.
  4. Yup, a dude in Niagara Falls had it listed. Couldn’t believe it myself. i noticed you’re a new dad. Congrats and welcome to the club.

    eBay version 4.0

    That jersey being a 56 when Matthews, 6’3” 220, wears a 58 is the biggest give away that this isn’t what the seller says it is.
  6. Did the same on this one. Been trying to get a Ballard patch for years and one finally showed up on Kijiji.
  7. For their specialty one off jerseys sure but $500 for a regular home/road is tough.
  8. Yeah, pretty much. I put a folded up white towel on the inside of the jersey, spray, let sit for a minute or so and scrub with another white cloth.
  9. It’s actually called fight back and it comes in a white can.
  10. I’ve used him recently. His rate was $20/hr and 5 hour minimum. If you’re in Canada you’ll need someone in the US to have him ship the jersey back to because he won’t ship anywhere outside the US. I don’t have Facebook either so I contacted him through the Facebook messenger app and used my Instagram login. He wouldn’t correspond with me in any other way like email etc. judging by pics of some of the other stuff he’s done I think he’d be able to clean those up.
  11. Because Babcock was a s*** head who needed to be fired after they blew the series last April.
  12. “I haven’t seen you buy a jersey in a while. Maybe you should buy one.” Coincidentally bought a MIC St Pats. Opened it up. ”That’s ugly, I don’t like that one.” AND after seeing the back ”Who the hell is that guy? Isn’t that one of the guys you yell at the tv at because they suck?” Yes, yes it was.
  13. Been working on this since the summer. Was sold as a U of T Varsity Blues jersey and was absolutely trashed when I got it as you can see Heavy black marks all over, some small holes, staining around the original logo and dots of yellow glue under the numbers that wouldn’t come off no matter what I used. A member pointed me to some dude on Facebook called Mongo’s jersey restoration and 6 months later here we are. Dude did a really good job. Got rid of all the yellow glue and crest staining and lessened the look of the black marks a lot. Just did a really good job freshening up the jersey. Still far from perfect but for a 40 year old original Maska jersey it will do just fine. Thanks go out to jsh139 for giving me a heads up about Mongo, Brilliant for being the shipping mule since buddy wouldn’t ship to Canada, and hockeybob for the hookup on the Maska tag it’s missing.
  14. TMLFAN

    eBay version 4.0

    Which one of you savages snagged all these original Sharks jerseys for $60 per? Sharks steals
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