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    eBay version 4.0

    I asked stahls about the eggplant twill and was told they could make it but the min order would have to be 2,500 yards. At $13 a yard that was a hard no.

    eBay version 4.0

    Yes, blue glacier and regular eggplant twill are two colours that have become impossible to get anymore.

    eBay version 4.0

    Islanders wave pro jerseys without crests. If you have access to a fisherman crest this is a really good deal. Islanders wave
  4. I know where i'm going if s*** really hits the fan 不不不不不不不不不不不不
  5. F(&^*** Coronavirus.
  6. Same, he got out stuff my usuall methods with acetone/goof off wouldn't budge.
  7. From the most recent Real Sports auction. Put down the opening bid and was the only bidder. 18-19 set 3/playoffs. Had thoughts on re-purposing it but its got a lot of marks on it and a couple of nice repairs so gonna leave it as is. Real Sports also included a nice 8x10 photo match from one of the first round games (grrrrrrrrr).
  8. JT St Pats MIC. Taking a bit of a risk putting the C before the games are actually played but can easily swap in an A if he misses the games in two weeks.
  9. If youre ever concerned just call up real sports and give them the serial number to confirm but you have the photo match so not really necessary
  10. The Loas we're late being made. I bought mine when real sports auctioned off the 1st period jerseys and the loas were mailed out well after the jerseys that were sold. Most likely they didnt even bother making the loas for the jerseys given to the players.
  11. This is the team customizer if you want to look into sending it in. http://www.sportsletteringcompany.com/
  12. Beautiful. Where did you find the jersey given to kappy?
  13. Back maybe 5 years ago I picked up a bunch of the jerseys used in the Love Guru for dirt cheap. Mostly Pens and Leafs 1.0's. Stripped and re-customized them and then sold them.
  14. Im convinced Im right but just need someone with a gamer to finally confirm it for me. Ive spoke to SLC about this and they said they dont modify nameplates so the only way I could see this happening is them getting shorter nameplates than normal from Reebok. the Gauthier is a gamer and the Marner is an authentic done by SLC. Looking at the lack of space above and below the letters on the Gauthier (basically touching the serged edge) compared to the Marner there is no way the nameplates on these are the same height. They also have to put the nameplate on top of the seam on the Marner to get the numbers to fit properly compared to the Goat which sits just under the seam.
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