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    Hockey, and going to Dutch icehockey games because its very much fun and nice people. And offcourse a good team !!!!<br /><br />LEts go Devils

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  1. James Wisniewski is traded to the islanders. I dont like this at all as a ducks fan i got a black ducks jersey coming in and i wanted to customize it with Selanne or Wisniewski so thats clear now . here are full details: Wisniewski trade
  2. oke thanks for the tip. btw i also reported it on ebay do they do something about it or they just dont care ?
  3. Sorry for the post then, just wanna be a good citizen sorry.
  4. I wanna warn you all that there are fake Rimouski oceanics jerseys on ebay at the moment. They care copied now in china. i found a crosby Rimouski jersey on ebay and i found the same pictures on dhgate china fake mall. Greetz Here is the one who sell them Rimouski fake ebay ? look at it and the look at the fake china website
  5. here is the link to the jersey i picked up and arrived. Penguins new pickup Here a little picture
  6. My penguins ultra fil jersey i picked up for 45 dollars from a dutch advert site came in today. ###### the jersey is flawless just as new no marks no tears no wear at all !! I will send it out this week to let it customize with #66 lemieux . Still waiting on a Authentic RBK 6100 kings white jersey NWT Customizing i dont know yet for this jersey maybe pallfy Premier Ducks black jersey NWT Will be customized as a wisnieuwski or selanne Team Finland 1996 White jersey NWT Will be customized with selanne
  7. WOW thanks i couldnt have asked more this is perfect . I see the patch on the jersey also hope i can get that 2 frome somewhere. Thanks again.
  8. I think im gonna order one i really like the jersey .
  9. For the khl jerseys ebay is still a good option but i bought lutch jerseys from www.fanshop.ru (use google translate to understand the website ) And for swedish league jerseys go to the team stores themselve and if they dont offer shipping to the usa just ask by email and 9 out of 10 you can make a deal.
  10. For people who maybe into it i was watching on the australian hockey association site. And they have a store section. And there are some cool fan hockey jerseys there for use on ice and off ice . Maybe you like it take a look ---> http://phapromotional.com.au/AB3D/productdetails-size.asp?ProductID=119
  11. Im from the netherlands and i get my jerseys thru ebay and hope to get a good deal. Also bought some from this forum I also bought some of sportsk. Eishockey.com Rivercitysports I bought khl jerseys in the past on www.fanshop.ru (was a hassle i translate the site thru google and i ordered and payed with western union) 7 days later there was the jersey And i also search here in the netherlands on advert sites. I recently score a good as new ultrafil penguins jersey for 45 dollars. And my dutch eredivisie game jerseys i just buy at the arenas here.
  12. yes indeed so i think it will be a number 8 but now i need a good picture of the color and font they use for the jersey so i can get it mailed to JustAnothaVictim. And see if he can customize it that way for me . Then i can send him 3 jerseys for customizing. Black ducks premier jersey 8 selanne or 34 Wisniewski CCM ultrafil penguins jersey for 66 lemieux Team Finland 1996 jersey number 8 selanne
  13. interesting i found this movie you should watch goal thats on spot 2 from selanne and you can see its 88. So i hope its possible to clear it up and also with a good picture of the back of the jersey for the font thats used for customizing and color etc.
  14. Oke i found the number he used it was 88 that tournament . I alo have seen the style on the youtube video but its not clear enough so i hope someone can get me a photo or something of the customizing for this jersey.
  15. I picked up this new team finland 1996 hockey jersey from ebay today. And i really want it customized with selanne on it . But please can someone help me with some pictures of this jersey customized or player photos. And what number did selanne wear that tournament ?
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