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  1. nkkiegem123

    IHL jerseys

    Great collection Jimm!
  2. nkkiegem123

    Need help with jersey design

    Welcome to the forum shakes! Enjoy your stay!
  3. nkkiegem123

    09-10 Adirondack Phantoms

    Those are cool man!
  4. nkkiegem123

    Question for IceJerseys.com

    I see.. thanks for this info.
  5. nkkiegem123

    Will There Be An NHL Jersey Change Anytime Soon?

    I am a buyer of icejerseys, and so far my jerseys are still good now.
  6. nkkiegem123

    Autographs on CCM 6100?

    You are just on the right track thrashersfan. Collecting jeseys with autographs is a cool idea.
  7. nkkiegem123

    hamilton canucks

    Hi matt. My friend is also looking for one. Have you find it?
  8. nkkiegem123

    The Central Hockey League

    You are looking for a rare jerseys J van wessel. Hope you can find it right away.
  9. nkkiegem123

    My Hockey Jersey Collection

    These are cool jerseys man!!
  10. nkkiegem123

    Hockey jersey sewing patterns?

    How would you like to check this site? http://www.icehockeyjersey.com/Custom-Made...ys_ep_28-1.html maybe you can find some good patterns there.
  11. nkkiegem123

    TheBigGoalie's online album

    Great collection thebiggoalie! Since when did you start collecting these?
  12. nkkiegem123

    Refunds from Global Hockey ?

    Me either. I haven't heard that news.
  13. nkkiegem123

    Victoria's Cup 2009

    Wow, this is great! Im looking forward to this game.