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  1. great1

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    You monster!!!
  2. great1

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Beautiful Chris Kelly jersey, I absolutely love the lettering kit on those early to mid 2000 jerseys. I have had this jersey for a little while now but never got around to posting it, Erik Karlsson's 2011-12 Ottawa Senator Heritage jersey with the All-Star patch and from his first Norris Trophy winning season, he also scored his 100th NHL point in this jersey. The jersey has custom shortened sleeves and the lace ties were removed by Erik. This was Ottawa's first season after leaving MeiGray and they did not sell the jerseys online, they were sold at Scotiabank Place (now Canadian Tire Centre).
  3. great1

    It arrived today v.

    I absolutely love the Chris Kelly jersey, I would have seriously considered buying it myself had I seen it.
  4. great1

    It arrived today v.

    These jerseys don't show up online very often so I couldn't resist picking it up. Unfortunately the arm numbers are incorrect for the style of jersey and I will be looking into having them changed. The Senators wore white arm numbers with the crest that had the "OTTAWA SENATORS" text going around the gold, they switched the arm numbers to black when they changed the text in the crest to the laurel design. white numbers vs black numbers
  5. great1

    It arrived today v.

    The 6 on Bobby Ryan's game worn jersey is the same size as Karlsson's and has the same placement,
  6. great1

    It arrived today v.

    I finally got my Heritage Classic jersey customized, I was having a hard time choosing between Karlsson and MacArthur, I chose Karlsson. I am pretty disappointed that the numbers on the back are slightly too small and the name plate is airknit rather then edge material, I am really considering sending it back. Here is a game used jersey for comparison -
  7. great1

    It arrived today v.

    I have a Binghamton Zibby jersey as well, mine is from 2012-13
  8. great1

    It arrived today v.

    That is upsetting to hear, has his play really slipped that much? I loved the A-Train when he played for the Senators.
  9. great1

    The official IceJerseys swapping table

    I have an authentic 2012 NHL Allstar jersey Team Alfredsson White size 52, I am looking to trade it for the same jersey in a size 50. Tags are still attached on my jersey. I can take photos if necessary.
  10. great1

    It arrived today v.

    I am really jealous of that Jokerit jersey, one of my biggest wants is a Karlsson jokerit jersey.
  11. great1

    It arrived today v.

    I received my holy grail today, 2002-03 Set 3 Home Alfredsson jersey. It has a ton of wear and it is my favourite style of the Senators jerseys. The numbers are kiss cut, I never realized the Senators did it that way before. Photo match -
  12. great1

    It arrived today v.

    Ottawa is supposedly hosting the Heritage Classic in 2017 so maybe we will see something similar then.
  13. great1

    Los Angeles Kings going Gold in 2014-15

    or they could have Nashville wear their road jerseys at home so the Kings wouldn't have to travel with 2 sets of jerseys.
  14. great1

    When a player is traded......

    It depends on the circumstance, I still wear my Alfredsson jerseys but if the player leaves on bad terms (like Heatley) then I would have had the jersey stripped and recustomized.
  15. great1

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    I bought a Sakic patch from ebay a couple of days after the game.