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  1. The feedback thread

    Received a nice Penguins jersey from OR68. He's an awesome seller, shipped the jersey real quick. Would definitely buy from again. Thanks!
  2. DO NOT BUY from Vintage-Legends

    Thanks for the heads up. It's morons like these eBay needs to hunt down and suspend.
  3. They were also a few plays from beating a pretty good Bruins team in the playoffs last year...
  4. Time for the NHL to change their point system

    Don't need shootout wins to break a tie. If two teams are tied with points, then go to wins as the next tiebreak. If tied in wins, go which team has more points head-to-head.
  5. Time for the NHL to change their point system

    Yes! Thank you.
  6. Alternate jersey ponderings

    The Lightning blue alternate is also one of those pricey finds.
  7. Taveras is the shot in the arm the Leafs need to get to the next level.
  8. Pawn Stars - Golden Knights Jersey

    He's proven me wrong so far, LOL.
  9. The feedback thread

    Bought a jersey from furiousd. Nothing but positivity dealing with him. Highly recommended.
  10. Happy belated Birthday, Slim!
  11. The feedback thread

    Had a positive transaction with gwarjis on a Winter Classic jersey. Real good member. I highly recommend doing business with him. Look forward to dealing again.
  12. Pawn Stars - Golden Knights Jersey

    Yeah, until he melts down in the playoffs again.
  13. Team in decline - cheap jersey flood?

    Hey man! Did ya miss me?
  14. Team in decline - cheap jersey flood?

    I guess a team's performance can dictate availability and price of jerseys. BUT I would think there will always be a high demand for Blackhawks jerseys. So even if the supply rises, the demand is always going to exist, and I guess prices will stay relatively constant. Plus, the fan base and collector base is huge.
  15. The Want List

    Looking for Stadium Series and/or Winter Classic jerseys, size 52 or 54 - may consider 56 or 48. PM me!