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  1. Happy belated Birthday, Slim!
  2. The feedback thread

    Had a positive transaction with gwarjis on a Winter Classic jersey. Real good member. I highly recommend doing business with him. Look forward to dealing again.
  3. Pawn Stars - Golden Knights Jersey

    Yeah, until he melts down in the playoffs again.
  4. Team in decline - cheap jersey flood?

    Hey man! Did ya miss me?
  5. Team in decline - cheap jersey flood?

    I guess a team's performance can dictate availability and price of jerseys. BUT I would think there will always be a high demand for Blackhawks jerseys. So even if the supply rises, the demand is always going to exist, and I guess prices will stay relatively constant. Plus, the fan base and collector base is huge.
  6. The Want List

    Looking for Stadium Series and/or Winter Classic jerseys, size 52 or 54 - may consider 56 or 48. PM me!
  7. The feedback thread

    No problem. I've bought from you so many times there's no way I'd ever think anything else other than a positive deal with you. Thank you for being a fantastic member and jersey seller.
  8. The feedback thread

    Made a purchase from DaNoobie. Extremely thrilled with the outcome - great jersey and fast shipping. I would buy from this seller again. Fabulous individual to deal with.
  9. The Want List

    Looking for any Matt Bartkowski jerseys, Canucks or Bruins.
  10. Mark-Andre Fleury Appreciation Thread AND YAY PLAYOFFS!

    Belated congratulations to the Rangers on their series win versus the Penguins. T'was a remarkable comeback. My hat goes off to you guys.
  11. Mark-Andre Fleury Appreciation Thread AND YAY PLAYOFFS!

    Yep. The Fleury from Friday night and last night is the one I have come to know. Still think he's "elite"? EDIT: You have to credit the Rangers for their intensity and effort. The Penguins haven't matched it since Game 4.
  12. Mark-Andre Fleury Appreciation Thread AND YAY PLAYOFFS!

    Price is quietly having a stellar postseason. IMO Fleury is a good but not great goalie. Consistency is not there. He continues to give up some of the softest goalies I've ever seen in my life. Great goalies do not play like that.
  13. Mark-Andre Fleury Appreciation Thread AND YAY PLAYOFFS!

    3-1 comebacks are not impossible. I think Byslma knows all about them...
  14. Mark-Andre Fleury Appreciation Thread AND YAY PLAYOFFS!

    Flower power! The Rangers had opportunities to put pucks behind Fleury. Back-to-back shutouts are not a fluke. You can't deny that, OR68.
  15. Mark-Andre Fleury Appreciation Thread AND YAY PLAYOFFS!

    Elite? Can't agree there. MAF's shown inconsistency in the playoffs, as you point out, and he's had cold spells in the regular season, too. I respect your opinion, but to me an "elite" goalie doesn't do either. IMO Tuuka Rask, Henrik Lundqvist are "elite" and they are superior to MAF. Yeah I agree on the first goal he allowed last night. Don't know where the defense went on the second and game winners. MAF looked like a fish out of water on those.