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  1. Sluggermatt15

    Customizer's Current Wait Times Thread

    Over the past several months I've sent 4 Penguins jerseys to Pro Knit Wear in Pittsburgh for lettering and numbering. Turnaround time was about 2-3 weeks. They were happy to have my business and did their best to get the work done quickly. I am pleased with the work. I'll send them more jerseys in the future.
  2. Sluggermatt15

    Pulling the goalie for extra skater

    I think it's most effective when the team that pulls their goalie has a power play in desperation mode. E.g. 6 on 4 or 6 on 3. Otherwise, there are 11 skaters on the ice and there's not a ton of space to operate and set up offenses.
  3. Sluggermatt15

    Future Expansion

    Right now I think it's only a matter of time. https://www.sportstalkflorida.com/nhl/nhl-news/seattle-doesnt-have-an-nhl-team-yet-but-its-coming-soon/
  4. Sluggermatt15

    third jerseys are back

    They also got rid of the golden triangle behind the skating penguin, which is also a fail.
  5. Sluggermatt15

    third jerseys are back

    Pens botched their gold jersey. A shame to see. Should have taken more time to design it properly like the ones from the early 80s.
  6. I guess the Leafs are still that joke you were talking about. 4-1 in first place in their division. Four players in the Top 5 in scoring. Austin Matthews with 9 goals and 12 points. How's that feel?
  7. Sluggermatt15

    The Want List

    Top 5 non Penguins authentic wants: -Blues winter classic jersey -Canadiens centennial jerseys -Canucks any style from 2015-2016 -Oilers white 6100 -Canadiens red 6100
  8. Sluggermatt15

    The feedback thread

    Picked up a jersey each from akteon and rgoss22. Both were awesome to deal with. I hope to do business with them again. Thanks again guys!!!
  9. Sluggermatt15

    The Want List

    Top 5 Penguins Wants: -1980s Sunday gold jersey game worn -2017 Stadium Series jersey (sz 56) -6100 black or white jersey (any size) -90s diagonal PITTSBURGH jersey -2007 to 2011 Reebok vector jerseys (sz 52-56) If you are willing to part with any, please give me a shout. Thank you.
  10. Sluggermatt15

    third jerseys are back

    The navy color on the 2011 WC jersey is closest to their uniforms from 1977-1980, when navy blue became the primary jersey color. Was the team trying to copy this? I'm not sure.
  11. Sluggermatt15

    third jerseys are back

    Yeah I agree about the Jets. It looks like a fake from China. LOL.
  12. Sluggermatt15

    The feedback thread

    Bought jerseys from: Slimcutta Thebiggoalie Jjm4 All were excellent to work with, very communicative. I highly recommend them and would do business with again. Thank you all for nice pieces!
  13. Sluggermatt15

    The feedback thread

    Received a nice Penguins jersey from OR68. He's an awesome seller, shipped the jersey real quick. Would definitely buy from again. Thanks!
  14. Sluggermatt15

    DO NOT BUY from Vintage-Legends

    Thanks for the heads up. It's morons like these eBay needs to hunt down and suspend.
  15. They were also a few plays from beating a pretty good Bruins team in the playoffs last year...