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  1. capsfan32

    It arrived today

    Boudreau was a good player...in Slap Shot Too bad he can't adapt to coaching in the playoffs. He's great for the regular season but he needs to rethink how he approaches the playoffs or this will happen every year. Way too many Game 7s.
  2. capsfan32

    It arrived today

    That is a nice one. Also like the username change- can they deport Alex Semin too? I guess in order to do so, they'd have to send out a search party with better dogs than the ones they had during the playoffs to find him since he seems to disappear just prior to Game 1 of the first round every season.
  3. The Christmas style of the Devils jersey in red might just have to become an exception for me if I can find a size 52 of the "real" (i.e. pre-1993 CCM, not EDGE) kind. Obviously, I'd never wear it to the Phone Booth (Verizon), or if I were at a game at Wachovia Center in Philly, MSG, or the Igloo (or whatever nickname they'll come up with for the new Consol Energy Center replacing Mellon), but it is still a really cool jersey. The other advantage of the Russian jerseys (at least the Lutch) is that they're of great quality, cheaper than NHL, and seem to be less prone to being faked. The next Russian jersey I want to try and find is one of Semyon Varlamov in red from Lokomotiv, since clearly Jose Theodore is not the goalie of the future for the Caps- as everyone on here knows, Varly has his ups and downs, so it may be Varly or Michal Neuvirth, but Varly still has the edge there just on experience. I have been trying to find one on Ebay, but Abrom hasn't had it yet, and the only one I ever saw was from a seller that seemed kind of sketchy, so I didn't get it.
  4. I don't see why not, assuming that since it's on your Webshots, it isn't a fake. I know you were just kidding around, but to clarify, I never said I wouldn't wear jerseys from Western Conference teams other than the Wings in that post the other day- I'd wear anyone but the Wings in the West, and the Sharks are on my favorite team list (it didn't give me enough characters to put them on the favorite jersey list as well). Besides the Caps (and the Caps farm teams - I still have 2 old Portland Pirates replicas), I'd wear from any national team or Russian league team (I currently have 2 of Ovechkin from Dynamo, 1 of Semin from Lada Togliatti, and 1 of Gonchar from Mettalurg), the Sens, Bruins, Sabres, Leafs, and even the Habs (other than Halak). As for the other Southeast Division teams, I said I wouldn't actively seek them out, not that I wouldn't wear them. To sum it up and clarify for the record, the jerseys I'd never wear are ones of teams currently in the Atlantic Division, and the Wings. That leaves 24 of 30 teams in the NHL that I'd wear. Also, I guess I've set a precedent when I got the Gonchar from Russia, that I'd wear jerseys of current or former Caps while they played for other teams, other than while they were on one of the 6 teams that I wouldn't wear, i.e. that I'd wear either a Tampa Kolzig, St. Louis Brent Johnson, Columbus Chris Clark, Florida Zednik, Boston Gonchar (if I were to own them), or a Mettalurg Gonchar (which I do own), but not a Pens Brent Johnson or Gonchar, Flyers Brashear, or Rangers Gartner, to name a few examples. The only time that I'd extend beyond those 6 teams is if one of those people that I had singled out before that I'd never wear at all played for someone else, even the Caps (like I wouldn't get a Jagr from any team, including the Caps).
  5. Don't forget about "supple knees" too...
  6. These all mostly go back to the days of the great old Patrick Division: any Penguins, Flyers, Rangers, Devils, Islanders. All Red Wings ever since 1998 b/c of the Stanley Cup. Probably wouldn't actively seek out any from Panthers, Thrashers, Hurricanes, or Lightning, but would still wear one as I still haven't developed the same level of dislike for the Southeastern teams in the same way. Now to individuals: Jagr, Crosby, Malkin, Mario, Pat LaFontaine, Hextall, Brodeur, Terreri, Beezer, Barrasso- all pretty obvious as to why. Other individuals (for more specific painful memories: John MacLean (Game 7 1988 - Devils), Petr Nedved (4th OT in 1996* - this was actually in Game 5 not Game 7, but was probably just as painful as the LaFontaine goal other than that it was in Pittsburgh so I wasn't there - Pens), Joffrey Lupul (Game 7 OT in 2008 - Flyers) from any team they may have played on at any level, be it NHL, minors, juniors, college, or international. Now added to this list: Jaroslav Halak, same restrictions as the other individuals singled out above (although I'd bet that anyone who wants to sell one of his jerseys on EBay, here, or other places will now be able to get quite a bit more for it than they would have last week).
  7. Wow who thought this up? My first thought after "Old Time Western" is either that or they found some font from a baseball uniform, like the Red Sox use for the words "Boston" or "Red Sox" on the front, and then accentuated it even more.
  8. Any major issues with the following - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270568604980 ? How does customization look? Maybe it's just the lighting in the pics or a problem with my screen, but it looks like maybe the namebar is a slightly different white than the jersey? From what I've seen of actual jerseys, the namebar is usually supposed to be the same color as the jersey with rare exceptions (and this of course isn't a Flyers jersey). If it isn't just lighting, that's a bad job to me and a deal-breaker. As for the number placement, I've never been entirely sure about the exact proper number placement on this model, so I'm not sure if the 7 on the back in 37 is in the right place- it seems too far over toward the stripe based on where the lower left corner of the 7 is. Also, I know, it's signed and doesn't seem to have a COA so even if I'd theoretically want to try to remove the signature, there's no way to know for sure if it's even actually Olie's signature for sure that I'd be removing if I were successful. Any thoughts on the patch quality/authenticity? I found http://capsjerseys.com/patches_98cup.html as comparison, but that one's on the blue jersey, so if there were any differences between the patches placed on the white jerseys vs. the blue jerseys, that might not be the best comparison. Price is also somewhat surprising given what his auctions usually run.
  9. capsfan32


    I also thought there was something a bit "off" about the Modano nameplate when I saw that one but wasn't sure if maybe it was my screen. I find the quality of the early 90's Caps jersey I got from him to be quite excellent even though that NHL-mandated Center Ice/Mise Au Jeu tag that wouldn't be on a gamer (but was on authentics in the 1990s b/c of NHL marketing, etc.) was somewhat loose and fell off on one side after I got it from wearing it. While the price ended up being somewhat steeper than I'd imagined it would get, it wasn't as overpriced as some other Caps jerseys have been (such as the badly customized Ridley and Gonchar). Since mine was not customized and doesn't look like it ever was, I didn't have to consider the customization quality when deciding whether to bid. Even on the inside of the jersey with every star and all the individual letters and the stick/puck that combined to form an authentic Caps "crest" in the pre-1996 red or white styles being sewn on separately [rather than that awful patch that CCM used on some replicas and eventually on the "vintage" 550], not one other loose thread on the whole jersey anywhere. As a result, since I wear a 52 in CCM, if he were to put up something else Caps in either CCM authentic or Reebok Edge that had been customized either at or reasonably near the time the jersey was made, I'd have the opposite problem- I'd get more interested rather than less, which would probably be bad for me at the moment financially. However, there was one issue with mine that some people might have a problem with as far as getting the customization done on a blank as authentically as possible that has not yet been brought up- his knowledge of when a jersey is from is sometimes somewhat spotty. Some listed before and after mine have been very specific regarding the year it was from, but others are not as specific. His currently-listed Devils Xmas-style jersey is listed as being "pre-1993." Mine was listed as being from the "early 1990's." While I've photomatched the neck tag to being from one of two possible seasons b/c of capsjerseys.com, if it weren't a Caps jersey, I'm not sure if I would have been able to do that as easily on a jersey from another team. nhluniforms.com isn't as detailed regarding subtle changes like neck tags (I don't know if CCM changed them league-wide from year to year or on a team-by-team basis) and fight strap styles. nhluniforms.com also doesn't show proper "C" and "A" styles, and I haven't seen a jersey history quite as detailed as capsjerseys.com for any other team. Another thing to think about for any of his future auctions of non-customized jerseys.
  10. capsfan32


    I ended up winning on the early 1990's red CCM authentic Caps jersey ( http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230457010154 ) from him, but didn't notice about that user bidding and now that you mention it, there may have also been some shill bidding on the jersey I won from him both early on and then after I started bidding, but it wasn't from that user, it was from a user called h***o (feedback of 2) that made me indecisive on my increments (that's why if you look on the bid history you see a lot from someone called m***2 trying to fend that person off). I haven't been able to post pics of it yet as I seem to have lost the wire that connects my flash card from the camera to the computer. Despite all of that mess, it is a high quality jersey that lives up to his description- the quality was pretty much up to what he said about it, but the stitching on the Center Ice/Mise au Jeu tag was a little loose on one side and just from trying it on after I got it and then wearing it a few times, that tag actually came off on one side- I'll live. No other loose threads (even on the inside), pulls, or stains of any kind, and the fight strap looks right and was in almost perfect shape - not at all rusted or dented or frayed, velcro still sticks well, etc. I'm actually somewhat afraid of washing it b/c its in such good shape. Have yet to decide who I'm going to put on it, but I'm leaning Langway. Since I'm not actually sure what season it's from between being from either 1992-93 or 1993-94, that might be problematic as Langway wore the "C" for part of the year in 1992-93 and then Kevin Hatcher took over from November 1992 for the rest of the season- surprising as it is now, Hunter wasn't named captain until the 1994-95 season), but I do have some other players in mind. When I asked him if he knew more specifically about the year it was made (I said it was for customization purposes), he wasn't sure, he just knew it was "early 1990's" (as was in the description). When I asked him if he knew more information than what he had put in the description, he said he didn't and that "jerseys without the 100 year Stanley Cup Patch are not from 1993 season." He seemed nice enough about not knowing what year it was from (I didn't tell him I had already narrowed it down to possibly being from that year when I asked him) and based on his jerseys before and after being somewhat detailed about the year, I think his lack of more specific knowledge was genuine. Maybe someone can help me figure it out. Because it has the NHL shield next to the CCM tag (style is white blocks with blue letters), the earliest it could be from is 1990-91. There is an off-chance that it could be from Set 2 of 1989-90, but I really doubt that CCM started adding the NHL shield mid-season or whatever for authentics, they probably just did it for gamers. Either way, the neck tags for those 2 seasons don't match up with the one in the jersey. Based on Capsjerseys.com, I photomatched the neck tag in mine to being from either 1992-93 or 1993-94 season- it matches with the CCM neck tag shown by Capsjerseys.com for 1992-93 and 1993-94 (unless someone has a really good detailed pic of a 1991-92 neck tag, b/c Capsjerseys.com didn't). There's also an off-chance that it could somehow have been made between 1993-94 and 1994-95, but the neck tag changed for 1994-95 and doesn't match mine. It can't be any newer than that, because the Caps ditched the jersey for the new color scheme for 1995-96. Regardless, it's missing a patch for one of those years (1991-92 was the NHL-wide 75th Anniversary patch, 1992-93 was the aforementioned NHL-wide Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch, and 1993-94 was the Caps 20th Anniversary patch), but since I don't think there's any way to know for sure what year it was made in since there was no "born-on date" sticker (unless someone knows of another way to figure it out that I haven't thought of), it's actually for the best for now that it doesn't have a patch- I'd rather have it missing a patch than have the wrong one on it.
  11. Hard to tell on the customization for this Beaupre too, as the pic is zoomed really far out and somewhat blurry to the point that it's almost a deterrent. Maybe that's why this one is still so low compared to what others have gone for. Also the seller isn't familiar to me- anyone seen them before? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200460505569
  12. Wow that is certainly one screwup we don't often see. Here's another strange one. Apparently, it seems that the Caps hadn't abandoned red entirely for at least some point in time between 1995 and 2007, and that you could proudly reclaim the color red on your very own black "screaming eagle" jersey and even have a screened-on number 5. I was thinking maybe they were going to use these for the lockout season and this one was some kind of a prototype, but by then the Caps black jerseys were Koho (on-ice) and while there were some replicas with CCM tagging that I've still seen floating about on Ebay even now [before the lockout], they were already neck-tagging rather than hem-tagging by then as well, and of course after the lockout they had switched all jerseys to the Reebok vector neck-tag. Anyone ever seen one of these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270560750310
  13. I mainly wear just to games, but I did wear that NHL.com Ovechkin to a Halloween party with a helmet and stick just for kicks- knowing how bad a jersey it is, I was shocked when "non-jersey" people actually complimented me on it. If only they knew, right? Although all the rest of my jerseys are still replicas that I'm waiting to customize or are Russian Lutch, the only jersey I have that is off-limits for games is the white CCM Caps jersey made in 1985 that is made from Maska airknit (pre-Ultrafil days) that pretty much the only thing that makes it a replica rather than an authentic is the lack of the fight strap. I wore it to a game once and kept my coat over it the whole game, I was scared that even as a Caps fan at a Caps game that something would happen to it. Back then, the stick, puck, and every letter and star, were all still individually sewn to it, nothing heat-pressed, and no awful "crest" patch on the front. It's funny, I kind of regret not wearing it to games since it's actually my favorite jersey, but it's white so it's not exactly so easy to replace, fix, get a stain out of, etc. when you compare it to even the legitimate 550 red "Vintage" that I had been wearing to Caps games from when I got it in December until Sunday, when they lost to Calgary...so tonight vs. Atlanta I wore the Semin Lada Togliatti which I procured from our fellow member Jordan, and we won 2-1, so that jersey's safe to wear to games for now.
  14. So...what say ye about this one? It generally looks decent and not DHGate, and reminds me a lot of the very first jersey I tried to win and then got sniped on, but I think it may be slightly newer. Some of you probably saw this question coming. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230457010154
  15. I, for one, ever since the switch to the "new" design, have always kind of thought the Caps road jersey was an afterthought, made only because they were required to have a white jersey to wear on the road, and either want it redone or done away with. I also think it was a bit silly-looking when the Caps went into Pittsburgh in the playoffs last season and they were having a "white-out" for the fans, but the Pens wore their black jerseys since they were the home team. In that case, the Pens looked ridiculous and should have worn white with the Caps in red even though the Caps were the road team. When you go to a college football game or basketball game and they have a "gold rush" or "black-out" for the fans, you don't expect the team to be wearing white, and they don't- they wear whatever color matches the T-shirt given out to fans that night. The Caps extremely successful all-encompassing "Rock The Red" marketing campaign to get fans to come to games in red and buy red merchandise worked so well because the team wears red on the ice at home. It worked so well that as a result, the baseball Nationals added red jerseys and pretty much based their "NatsTown" marketing campaign on it.
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