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  1. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Shaddup I was just too excited to post it to waste time with nicely done photos!
  2. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Well it arrived today, finally. My first RBK Edge jersey. Came just in time for me to see the wings lose today haha! Bit the bullet and got this beauty from SportsK: A home Red Wings customized with Datsyuk Sz50. The edge cut definitely is weird, chest and length fit perfectly but the sleeves are a tad long. Not so long as they're a nuisance but noticeable compared to my Premiers. Also noticeable between Edge/Premier is the customization due to the paneling etc. Looks brilliant and my crappy phone pics don't do it justice. Extremely pleased, I must say
  3. Fitzwah

    Does anybody wear their jerseys?

    I wear all my jerseys but not when i'm doing work outside or other tasks that will grub em up. They're a great choice for winter in Australia because is doesn't get ridiculously cold all that often here in Sydney. So if i'm going to a casual social activity, rather than wearing a jumper or jacket i can throw on a jersey over a shirt and i'm sweet.
  4. Just wanted to put the feelers out and see if anyone had info on these two Grand Rapids Jerseys. Jerseys are hard enough to source being an Aussie, but AHL you can pretty much forget about it. I would love to get one as they are a good link to the Red Wings. I'm not too fussed about authentic so I was just wondering if anyone had any info as to whether these have been made as replicas. I know the Griffin logo one had gamers auctioned but i'm not looking to spend that much. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a place that might make patches for the chest logos on either of these jerseys, info on that would be of great benefit as well. Thank you!
  5. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Nice pickup on the Nike Red Wings. I'd like one of those myself.
  6. Fitzwah

    It is good or not?

    For one more reason not to buy, the customizaton is not quite right either.
  7. Fitzwah

    I have found a good use for purchasing fake NHL jerseys..

    I for one think that's genius. Well done!
  8. Fitzwah

    The Want List

    Well i've landed the jersey in the post above, now i'm chasing a Red Wings CCM/KOHO 6100 in a 48 OR a Nike Red Wings at a reasonable price. Preferably the KOHO/Nike red as i've got an abundance of white jerseys now. I know my wants are fairly simple but being in Australia it makes every purchase a mission impossible. Also, curse this forum for making me so picky about my jerseys. All i want now are authentics!!! EDIT: Overuse of exclamation points annoyed me so i thought i'd spare everyone as well. haha.
  9. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    My sweet lord that's a nice jersey. Definitely next on my want list is a Red Wings CCM/KOHO 6100 Authentic (Sz 48). Please point me in the direction of any if you come across them.
  10. Fitzwah

    Put a hole in my jersey!

    Quick question - I bought a ProPlayer Maple Leafs replica jersey off ebay for very cheap which said there were no dignificant flaws. However on arrival there is a 2cm hole with some black around it, pretty much a cigarette burn. Otherwise the jersey is awesome, but i'd like to patch it up. Is there any place to order an airknit type material patch in Toronto blue to patch it up. I bought the jersey because it was cheap and matched the colours of my Australian Rules football team so i could wear it to games so perfection isn't essential but I want to fix the hole. Thanks in advance!
  11. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Yeah I agree and thought the same when comparing the 2 at home (close but not quite right). At the moment I'm just happy to have a Fedorov jersey (and an authentic CCM at that) as he was always my go to guy when playing NHL 96 on Sega . Trying to find someone to customize correctly here in Aus would be impossible and it's gonna cost me double or more the jersey cost to ship it to the US and get it redone. Might wait until our dollar picks up closer to level with the greenback again to do so, but for now, noone else is going to notice and it's close enough for me.
  12. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Finally, the Fedorov. Surely I wasn't going to win all 3. Same deal as the Yzerman auction, but actually a bit cheaper which was nice. The name customization is a little too curved but it's close enough for now and i may look to rectify it down the track. Jersey is in very good condition, had one mark which came out with a wash. Felt a bit guilty for buying three of the same style jerseys in one hit, but I like them all! The end!
  13. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Then came the Yzerman. It has the " I Believe" patch heat pressed on which i know is inaccurate for the style/time but the customization is really good and for the price (and getting it shipped to Australia) it was a good option to just have an Yzerman jersey in my collection. not sure what the 'player' tag is but i'm guessing it meant that popular players came pre customized to stores or something of the ilk. Bidding was at about $47 after slowly climbing in the last minutes and i figured that someone had put a max bid of $50, so i threw in a bid of $51 in the last few seconds and got it.
  14. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Ok, there's a bit of a story to these three which arrived yesterday. Also, apologies for the crappy phone quality photos. On the search for a good Red Wings Jersey to get customized as an Yzerman or Fedorov (my two favourites from the 90s/early00s) I came across 3 ebay auctions all ending on the same day which had very low starting bids. A blank ProPlayer replica, a CCM replica Yzerman and a CCM authentic Fedorov. The authentic was the one I really wanted, the Yzerman 2nd choice and blank ProPlayer third... but they ended in the reverse order (PP, Yzerman, Fed). So i bid on the Proplayer and was the only bidder and won. This made me happy because I figured I'd probably miss one or both of the others. It's a large which is a bit big on me but it is such an awesome quality jersey. Crest is beautifully sewn, collar is tough, material is great and has double stitched elbows.
  15. Fitzwah

    It arrived today

    Surely it's worth giving coloursafe bleach a try? That's still a nice addition to any collection if you can scrub it up (and sort out the name issue as well). What size is it? I've only ever seen 2-4XL (replicas) floating around. Hopefully the seller gets a karma punch right to the netherregion for 1) letting it get to that state and 2) lying.