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    Bergeron, Tarasenko, Ference, Gudlevskis, Angelidis, Neely, Roy, Hejduk
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    Mid-to-late 50s Bruins, Anaheim jade alts (late 90s), 04 ASG, old-school CSKA
  1. That's so weird. You'd think they would just add a chunk of red material below the existing jersey instead of cutting the striping up like that. Awesome jersey.
  2. Like 'em a lot. Probably have to get myself a Tarasenko, now.
  3. I kinda go back and forth. Sometimes I'll have a jersey or two coming in, sometimes it'll be vinyl instead.
  4. Yeahhhhhhh every person I've ever seen wearing one of those "Black Ice" jerseys is always the highest level of bro-. Get a black Stadium Series instead.
  5. I've got a CCM jade replica with a regular collar as well, and you're right about the hem tag. Mine has a little Ducks logo next to the CCM logo.
  6. Yeah, this is a replica, not an authentic.
  7. I was, is it that harsh of a jersey foul? They wore the white alts in 99/00.
  8. A little DIY. Found an uncrested CCM sweater and the crest on eBay, had the patch laying around. Now to get it all sewn up and decide between Hebert or Teemu. Going to Disney World in November for the girlfriend's birthday. Will be rocking it hard. I never understood why the CCM versions of those 3rd/4th sweaters had a normal collar. Did Nike have rights to that specific collar shape or something?
  9. Now comes the big question: Boychuk or Ference?
  10. OKAY. I was stuck at work during the entire B's-Wings series with the games on the radio and thought this guy's name was "Glen Denning" and that the announcers were giving him the Mason Raymond treatment. I feel like a fool now.
  11. Nah, that seems about right. The ones they sell at the Garden are so far off from the right shade of gold, it's not even funny.
  12. I've seen a few on MeiGray, and am still kicking myself over having way too much self-control and missing out on the Bruins merlot practice jersey they had a few months back. There was also a store at my local mall that had a few practice jerseys, but the place seemed a little sketchy, so who knows.
  13. No way, WBS wearing an alternate jersey? What's the world come to?
  14. More like Team Everyone But Van Reimsdyk shirts, jeeeez. The one guy whose shirt I wanted, too.
  15. You can score goals on the power play? 2011-13 Boston Bruins And speaking of, since this is a page entirely sans arrivals, I've got an Andy Ference Pens sweater en route.
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