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  1. Zoom into the pictures. If you see air knit on the arms, it is 2.0. For example, this one looks like a 2.0 to me http://www.stateofhockeystore.com/game-used-gear/game-issued-jerseys/minnesota-wild-game-issued-jersey-gij000007382.html This looks like it might be a 1.0, but it is hard to be entirely certain just because the Minnesota Wild organization seems to only use cell phone cameras from 2007 in their team store. http://www.stateofhockeystore.com/game-used-gear/game-issued-jerseys/minnesota-wild-game-issued-jersey-gij000007521.html Unless the team did something wacky like add patches over the old vector logos, the ones that say REEBOK on the neck, are almost certainly 2.0s.
  2. I thought it was 48 hours, but I've never actually had to look it up, so it might be 4 days. Same premise though. After a certain period of time, if someone can't be bothered to pay or at least get back to you about when they'd like to pay, it isn't worth waiting it out, better to just file an unpaid buyer claim or if possible cancel the transaction (requires the buyer to agree, which might be another hassle if they aren't even responding). If someone wanted to take a week or whatever to pay for something, I wouldn't care that much, as long as they actually communicated it politely to me. I guess it is different if you're selling a jersey because you need money ASAP or else you will have to eat your jerseys (not a lot of nutrition unless it is a Whalers one).
  3. That buyer sounds like a . Communication is key when buying or selling. I am guessing your friend could probably get that feedback retracted, but I don't know what the steps are to do that. As far as what is appropriate when paying for an item, I usually only bid on something if I know I have the cash right away and can pay instantly. There have been rare cases where an item ends 1 or 2 days before I know I'll have the cash. If that's the case, I'll usually message the seller and let them know that I'll pay within 48 hours. Anytime I've sold anything on eBay, payment is usually instant, but I don't really use auctions often, and with buy it now you can set it so it requires immediate payment. I think the supposed eBay standard for a buyer to pay is 48 hours. If they haven't paid within 48 hours, it is probably best to contact them and ask them "what's up bro?" (those exact words), and if you can't resolve it or they ignore you, either politely offer to cancel the transaction, or if you have more rigid standards and want to do your part in cleaning up eBay, go through the hassle of filing unpaid item claim. Cancelled transactions means eBay won't charge you fees, but the weird thing is, a buyer can still leave you feedback after a cancelled transaction.
  4. That jersey is a modern classic.
  5. The Leafs will find a way to screw it up.
  6. Does anybody have a good source on Senators third jersey shoulder crests? Best I can find are ones for almost $30 on eBay. Did they ever officially release these?
  7. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NHL-Ottaway-Senators-100-Authentic-Jersey-/322087616966 Cool find if you're a Lehner, Silfverberg, Hoffman, or (lol)Cowen fan. I can't imagine someone would add that velcro on their own, so it must be a team issued jersey that went unused at the draft. Not sure how often these leak out, I'm guessing it was probably sold at one of the Senators equipment sales.
  8. This is a point a lot of people are missing in this thread. If jersey cards didn't exist, it isn't like people collecting would buy gamers to fill the void. They'd just buy other cards. Jersey cards are also dirt cheap. There are a few examples like the NHL shield cards, the laundry tag cards (which is hilarious), or the fight strap or tie down cards which go for a lot. But that has more to do with aesthetic and collectability than whether it is a good value to pay a few hundred bucks for a piece of a 1000-2000 dollar jersey. Your run of the mill jersey card is dirt cheap though. For 99 percent of players, if you don't care about the series the card comes from, you can find a jersey card for 1-5 dollars. As far as wear goes, I've seen a few with wear. A lot of these are "Event worn" which means the player wore the jersey while taking a s*** in Upper Deck head quarters and handed it back to them 5 minutes later. So they wouldn't have wear. Although, I've seen wear on jersey cards, even on cheap UD series ones.
  9. I ideally don't want to see ads on jerseys, but the NHL would be stupid not to do it as it is free money without actually effecting the on ice product. They probably don't want to be the first one to succumb and do it, because they aren't the most popular league, and it will make them look inferior. Right now, ads on shirts is something reserved for low end sports leagues. I am guessing Lacrosse players dress in a giant billboard costume with holes cut out for their face and arms. Once the more popular leagues like NFL/MLB/NBA jump on board, the NHL will do it.
  10. They used to have value mainly because they were very hard to pull and admittedly, if you're a kid collecting cards, getting a piece of (Insert late 90s NHL stars name here) was a really cool concept. They started using "event worn" jerseys, and made them really abundant. There are even some UD cards that feature pieces of jersey designs that a player never wore (pre-edge Senators red on a pageau card for example.) The ones being cut up in a video were for a more higher end set. The value comes in the aesthetic of the card, and how limited the set is. Regarding your toy or coin analogy, I think one way to explain it to make it make sense is that the people buying those cards are card collectors, not jersey collects. They buy cards purely based on the aesthetic/price and exclusiveness of the product. Jersey pieces are just something used to compliment this and give them more different types of inserts to get people excited about. I think there's going to come a day when they cut up pieces of rare cards to put in card sets. That's like the natural progression there. A 1/9 Wayne Gretzky card with a piece of a high graded Gretzky rookie.....I'm actually kind of surprised that hasn't happened yet.
  11. Jersey cards generally don't have a lot of value. Card companies have whored out every gimmick. The only thing with real staying power are rookie cards because they can't create them after a rookie year is over, and they even do their best to ###### those out by having so many sets. There are a lot of factors. But for example, I could buy a UD Karlsson jersey card for a buck, maybe two bucks. People collect things, regardless of what they are, because us humans are insane. I am pretty sure that is how they describe collecting in the DSM IV or whatever it is. With cards, they become more desirable based on how limited they are. This is how many they are numbered out of. A jersey card that isn't numbered is basically an expensive base card. Then it matters how aesthetic the card is called. Meaning, no one gives a s*** about a one coloured piece of jersey, but people go crazy for nice looking pieces of patches. If you look at UD The Cup cards for example, the /249 rookie cards can vary wildly in how much the sell based on the quality of the patch in each specific card. They also gain collectibility based on the name value of the set. I don't really have a problem with game jerseys being cut up, but I do find it crazy that teams or leagues let historically relevant jerseys get bought up in auction by card companies. Wasn't Babe Ruth's jersey the first big game used insert in baseball or something? How could the MLB let that happen. Not because I like jerseys, but because that is an artifact of the sport. If someone wants to glue Mark Borowiecki's game jersey to a card, that's cool with me. There's no real lasting value to most game jerseys nowadays now that they've become a collectors item that people are actively trying to preserve and that the league are making less abundant by providing multiple sets per season or sometimes per game.
  12. I'm torn. I like the logo, but I also think that the 90s Panthers jersey is a classic, and that if a team has stuck with a logo for two decades, why change it now? The Panthers did need a new jersey design though, the Edge template is lame. The new logo would be perfect for a third jersey.
  13. Found that on youtube. Thought of you guys. How does this make you feel? Not for the faint of heart.
  14. Those Hershey Bears jerseys a page back are awesome. I am a sucker for any logo that involves an animal playing hockey.
  15. Any Blues jersey experts here? I'll post some pictures later on, but I've got a Blues jersey that I've been perplexed by for a while. It is one of the 90's Gretzky era CCM air knit authentic Blues jerseys. At first glance, the construction, fight strap, material, etc all seems consistent with CCM authentic jerseys. But there are two big things that are really throwing me off. One, the logo on the front is stacked twill and doesn't have the yellow layer that chips away. It is just stacked twill all the way through. The embroidered St. Louis also isn't a separate rectangle. The tagging in the neck is consistent with other Blues jerseys I've seen from that era (CCM white tag+small size tag) but there is no NHL centre ice tag. Although, this could possibly be explained by it simply falling off as they are known to sometimes do. Lastly, there is no NHL shield beside the CCM logo on the tail. The embroidery on the tail looks the same as other CCM jerseys I have. I understand it is a bit silly to post this without photos, so I'll get some, but it has been on my mind for a while. My leading theory is that someone, maybe even a hockey shop in the 90s might have made Blues jerseys out of much cheaper uncrested jerseys. Did CCM even making uncrested authentic versions of jerseys?
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