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  1. LeafsFan83


    As do I. For me, Dallas is a team I love to hate.
  2. LeafsFan83

    Go to many NHL games?

    I went to see a Marlies game a while back at the ACC. I think it'll be the closest thing I'll ever do in years to seeing an NHL game with tickets being handled the way they are now.
  3. It's really too bad the flyers are doing horrible. They looked good coming into the season.. Or actually, did they really need a revamp coming into it?
  4. LeafsFan83

    Islanders TV

    Yeah, they do, but I mean, not as in depth as that. Man, I would love that kind of coverage.
  5. LeafsFan83

    Islanders TV

    I wish the leafs would implement this.. Then again, who am I kidding.
  6. LeafsFan83

    Early reports on Finny

    I really think Novotny deserves a try, he showed some offensive potential in a few games played, but then again, I'm not the GM am I?
  7. LeafsFan83

    Early reports on Finny

    Who do you think will get the call up? Novotny?
  8. LeafsFan83

    Early reports on Finny

    Nah na nah naa, Nah na nah naa, Eh Eh Eh, Gooooodbyyeee.. It's sad to see such a good player get inured, but this helps me in my pools
  9. LeafsFan83

    Video and Animation

    I've recently taking a liking to producing videos and animations. Is/can anyone else do these, or enjoy doing them? Vote in the attached poll and discuss your choices here.
  10. LeafsFan83

    Next on your list...

    Exactly my point
  11. LeafsFan83


    Proud to be blue and white.
  12. LeafsFan83

    Next on your list...

    If my interest in Tucker does not allow me to be a mod, then strip my powers so be it One day, everyone will be a leaf fan. Muahahaha
  13. LeafsFan83

    Next on your list...

  14. LeafsFan83

    2006 Olympic Jerseys

    Team Italy. YAY Go Italia Go.
  15. LeafsFan83

    Next on your list...

    Leafs Tucker #16