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  1. xcdude

    eBay version 3.0

    That makes a hell of a lot more sense.
  2. xcdude

    eBay version 3.0

    You think it was a pens gamer that was recustomized as Crosby? That does look like Dana Heinze's signature in the fight strap.
  3. xcdude

    It is good or not?

    I know this is old, but I'm 99% sure its fake. Those swooshes do not look right at ALL. They look like the old Griffenfood or Griffen whatever fakes but on a replica. Also NEVER buy anything from guess_who_27. She is a notorious scammer in the game worn community. I don't know if people here have dealt wit her. My advice? Don't.
  4. Yeah I wear my dark jerseys to games and don't eat in them. Or I eat carefully. I don't like wearing white jerseys that much so I don't wear my white gamers.
  5. xcdude

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Haven't been here a while what is an Indo-Edge?
  6. xcdude

    New Arrivals v6.0

    I was so confused for a second. Glad to see this place hasn't changed.
  7. xcdude

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Great rug. Seriously. Just got a Winter Classic blank 2.0 Authentic from Matt on Friday. I've been popping in here slightly so when I get the pics taken they'll be up. I'm not the fastest photographer, so I'll do my best to get it up asap.
  8. xcdude

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Late to the party on this one but walz nice Granlund. I own a white myself from 10-11. The year they won the title! Just bought a winter classic jersey from Aketon. He was nice enough to sell it to me. When it arrives I'll post that and my Hagelin ECF I keep forgetting to photograph.
  9. xcdude

    New arrivals v5.0

    Hello all. I'm back! Sort of... I made a deal with aketon on my Rangersboard that I would lurk here if I bought one of his WC Rangers authentics (WHICH HE WAS SUPER NICE TO SELL TO ME AND I AM IN GREAT DEBT TO HIM). I needed a break from the hobby, and am sort of back. I have a nice new Playoffs GW Rangers Hagelin to post, but I haven't taken pictures of it yet ( I Know I suck). But I'll be a round. They'll show up probably tomorrow. Glad to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones.
  10. Hello everybody, I've recently started to evaluate my position on this forum after my little outburst with aketon in the helmet decal thread. Since joining the Ice Jerseys community two years ago (I still can't believe its been that long), I have gone from not having a clue about this hobby, to being an avid game worn collector. Some of the people I met on this board I truly call friends, and I respect the opinions and debates that come out of this board. I've grown to realize that this hobby acts in cycles, and at this point in my life priorities are starting to take a hold. I feel that I can't contribute to many discussions on this thread because there is such a flood of knowledgeable people on this board (which is an amazing thing), and that I no longer have the passion to debate the intricacies about this hobby. I don't know why the latter has formed, but I just seem to feel that these things need to be accepted and that everything does not suck in the NHL. Maybe its boredom, maybe its just I don't care as much as I used too, all I know is I feel I am not contributing anything valuable to this board on a regular basis and because of that I need to step back for a while. Hopefully some time away from the hobby (which does not count the 1982 Maine Mariners gamer I am about to purchase) will do me good financially and in the sense that I can get excited about the details that I once loved. I've become jaded, and its not fair to the people on this board to have to read that. I will probably post every once in a while in the It Arrived Today thread if I can afford anything, and will always be available via PM if anyone wants to chat! This was extremely hard for me to write and I just hope this board keeps on being as awesome as it has been. Thanks again for the memories, hopefully I will be back just like Jay-Z. xcdude
  11. What I ended up doing was making a strawman argument myself in response to it. You need to read Rangerland more to get the humor, you have no excuse :tongue: But seriously, Who cares about the placement of numbers on the helmet? Does it really matter that much?
  12. Pretty crazy ending. I don't think I've seen anything like that since the Mets 10 run comeback against the Braves in 2000, or Piazza's Walk off after 9/11. I still get tears in my eyes from the latter.
  13. The NHL has a large problem with Concussions and the safety of its players, but its fans are too busy making strawman arguments about the placement of numbers of helmets. God, I've been in a bad mood the past two weeks I'm sorry, but this really is no big deal. Its just change, you probably wouldn't have noticed for a few games had no one pointed it out.
  14. Simple solution, don't buy it, get on with your day, and let the people that don't care as much as you do (they are out there) buy them.
  15. xcdude

    My EPS experience

    I think a lot of people are taking what I said and twisting around to fit their arguments. I never said do not be upset if they gt an order wrong and immediately shake them off and badmouth them. I said that mistakes are going to happen sometimes, and waiting more than 2 months for a single order with a company the size of EPS is probably going to happen. I've had my problems with Josh before, but every time I stressed that he could take his time and I understood there were other orders that had priorities with me. I'm just stressing patience. More often than not you are going to get the customization you order. I just think there's a bit of a sense of entitlement going around this board in regards to jersey collecting, and sometimes people need to step back and remember this is a hobby to have fun with. And that these companies don't need our orders to survive and sometimes we are at their mercy and need to b patient.
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