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  1. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    updated prices and jerseys available
  2. The Want List

    In search of white Finland goalie cut, 58g or 60g
  3. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    Fuhr, belfour allstar, and blue potvin Sharks belfour and whalers burke are sold. Others are available. Plus anyone interested in belfour Hawks jerseys pm me
  4. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    None of them have been worn. ^ I was referring to my collection I have, not these the pics speak for themselves, no wear
  5. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    belfour sharks sold
  6. The Want List

    Still looking for a white goalie cut leafs jersey made by Nike if anyone has a lead. Also looking for a white Canucks big skate ccm goalie cut also
  7. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    Simple answer-I'm a goalie myself, and wanted to wear these over a chest protector. I wanted to create more room in the arms so I had these professionally altered by a lady that does dresses. By shortening the arms it creats a wider arm opening. This is also a technique goalies did in nhl also. As equipment gets bigger, Old spec jerseys create issues:)
  8. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

  9. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    Sale Continued... Cujo Leafs $225 Miller Sabres $75
  10. Doublegrg's For sale Thread

    Sale Update: Belfour Blackhawks sz 58 $325 Belfour Blackhawks sz58 $360
  11. The Want List

    I'm looking for a 96-98 leafs goalie cut (White version) made by Nike in 58g or 60g any player. Thanks
  12. 1994-1997 All Star jerseys

    On there's a 1994 AS 56G beezer that is tagged as a "man" but clearly the arms are wide like a goalie cut
  13. 1994-1997 All Star jerseys

    This is a excellent question and I also would be interested if anyone could shed some light about these?
  14. It arrived today v.

    Beauty schwab! Love that style
  15. Team canada identification

    If the above pic is a gamer it doesn't look far off mine first posted no?