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  1. Hi folks, I have a question and need your help on this: I've been involved in the jersey hobby for over 5 years and - as my username implies - specialize in my favorite team, the NY Rangers, to the extent that I'm familiar with their jersey history from 1994 onwards. Also, I've relied on the services of Gerry Cosby's in NYC for my customization jobs. In that time, I've also taken to sewing kits on jerseys myself to save on service & shipping costs. However, it seems that Cosby's is no longer able to do customization work for pre-EDGE jerseys. From what I've heard, Jim - who was the resident expert on Rangers jerseys - no longer works at Cosby's. Also, the younger associate I was talking to at Gerry Cosby's (I think his name was Nick), mentioned that they no longer cut the numbers/lettering for Rangers jerseys in-store. Instead, they get their kits from Stahl's which are cut in the RBK Edge style; although it is odd that they still carry the larger pre-Edge captaincy letters in stock. I found out about this when I stopped by the store back in October when I was looking for Jagr and Lindros kits (yeesh!) to purchase for jerseys I was working on then. My BIG question is: Are there any customizers or merchants who stitch or sell Rangers jersey kits in the style used from 1990-2007, i.e. classic-cut, pre-Edge kits? (P.S. I'm aware that Arena Wear is the current customizer for the New York Rangers, and they also handle stitching for orders placed at Gerry Cosby's and the NHL Store in Manhattan. It's just that I'm unsure if Arena Wear can do classic-cut Rangers kits, which is why I had to ask in the first place.)
  2. Greetings! I've lurked the IJ Boards for several months and felt I should contribute to the subject of the Rangers' 1994 Stanley Cup patch, and which version is the most authentic. From whatever pictures I've seen on the internet, eBay, other sports memorabilia auction sites, there are AT LEAST four variations and possibly a fifth of the 1994 Stanley Cup patch. I'll try to summarize the features of each of the patches. THE 1994 Stanley Cup Finals GAME AUTHENTIC Patch - stitched onto left shoulder of the Rangers' game jerseys for the '94 SCF (Obviously) - reduced size (3.5") to fit between red shoulder stripes (hypothesized by akteon and others) - embroidered onto twill backing - twill backing has feathery appearance on the fringes - 'TM' is tiny and nearly hidden between the sigil rim and the right drape of the banner **Brilliant! You have the ORIGINAL patch in all its pristine unstitched glory!!! ** 1. Murf & Pat Patch - most common reproduction of the 1994 SCF patch sold on the web - Font is WAAAAY inaccurate (bold & blocky, in contrast to the serifed letters of the authentic) - letters & numbers bunched too closely, 'E' and 'W' are hidden by the Stanley Cup - EGREGIOUS lack of detail in the embroidery of the Cup (especially in the bowl and no bands) 2. National Emblem Patch - Officially licensed by the NHL (so you're bound to see it sold on NHL.com or the NHL Store in NYC) - Comes in a holographed packet - INACCURATE, despite National Emblem's best efforts (only FIVE black stripes in background, as opposed to TEN black stripes alternating ELEVEN blue stripes) - no black edge around the circle part of logo 3. PatchCollection Inc. patch - closest reproduction of the original 1994 SCF patch - banner lettering is nearly identical to the original - only inaccuracy is the lettering for the Eastern/Western Conference; thicker weight than original - 'TM' is more prominent than in original 4. The "Small" Patch - Least common variation of the 1994 SCF patch - lettering is virtually identical to the original gamers - Lack of the 'TM' near the right side of orange banner drap is the most distinctive feature - Fuzzy blue stripes also another important distinction 5. CCM Vintage 550 Patch (The FIFTH variation!!!) - Dead ringer for the genuine article - lettering, logo design & all!!! - measures 4" across (like the ones used on the Canucks' jerseys?) - not embroidered onto twill backing The reason I just had to post was that I had customized a CCM/Gerry Cosby's mesh within the past year (Size 54, originally with the man who hit the post as a Canuck, personally stripped, converted to THE MAN who helped end the Curse of 1940... it's a long story for another day). I spent considerable time looking for the most accurate patch among the variants listed. Guess what I chose... and it involved cannibalizing from a replica jersey. Pic related:
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