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  1. That logo is nicely done.
  2. Good stuff. Give us more! 😀
  3. If it wasn't for the rounded interior corners, I might say just replace the nameplate and call it good. But I can't un-see those corners.
  4. Yeah, pretty much the whole kit is a little off. All Star patch looks like a repro, but a decent one.
  5. No duty from the customs review, I take it?
  6. Here's one I had done by EPS a few years ago. Pretty sure the name was a little bit off. It's long gone, but IIRC the plate was a match. Edit: hey, I can embed from Photobucket again.
  7. Oh, a temporary thing. I gotcha. I read amonte's post as a general statement on USPS operations.
  8. By boat? Where did you hear that? Priority and first class certainly go by air. Maybe there's a lower tier than first class that goes by sea, but I'm not aware of it.
  9. *sheepishly raises hand* I don't think I've ever asked for anything like that that required extra sewing work, but I definitely have asked a customizer to match an odd gamer detail on a few jerseys. I am probably why some customizers don't want to take instructions anymore. Sorrey guys.
  10. I had to stop and stare at that vertical arch Konstantinov for a bit. That looks so cool.
  11. I found the grey VGK numbers from a convo I had the day they went up: 6 in 52, 24 in 54, 26 in 56, 42 in 58, and 21 in 58+. I guess I didn't look at GCs. Today they have 36 58s, 10 58+, one 58G, and four 60G.
  12. When Meigray put up the VGK blanks a while back, you could attempt to add 99 or something to your cart, and it would tell you how many they had in stock. IIRC they had single digits for 52s, 20-ish for 54s, 40+ each in 56-58, and 20-ish 58+. It seemed pretty proportional to how I would expect player preferences to go.
  13. Nah, "guy from NY" is asher. "clown from NY" has gotta be Fitz. I think this is how his copy of the guide reads.
  14. Well that just may fit your collection, but where will you sleep? Seriously though, that sucks, and I hope you can get back to work quick. What industry, if you're comfortable saying?
  15. Please go away again.
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