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  1. Oops, I overlooked the very first sentence. Got distracted by the coolness. Congrats!
  2. Oh, that's awesome! Is that one new to you?
  3. That's a pretty cool tiger logo. I looked for info about that ad line on the jersey and found this. Figured it was worth sharing. 😅
  4. furiousd

    Newer Jerseys

    Yes, I was referring to the 2019 WC. I haven't looked for the alt version.
  5. In a couple months, you're gonna see more orange patch Jets than white. 😅
  6. I bumped it five bucks just to see if there was interest in it. Didn't expect it to make me high bidder, let alone last through the sniping I assumed would occur. Oh well. You're right, the jersey itself is in great shape. It's tough to see in the pics, but the kit could afford to be replaced. (If this interests anyone, shoot me a PM and we can talk.)
  7. That Blues is amazing. Here's a total "oops" eBay win. I don't really need it, but it was a good price.
  8. AFAIK, the main change to the crest was after the first year, when they went from the gray-silver crest to the glitter silver one. There may have been some minor changes after that along the way though. I'm not an expert there.
  9. No. Different crest. Different branding/tagging.
  10. furiousd

    eBay version 4.0

    Ha, yeah I had that same excited followed by disappointed reaction a few months back. The first one actually sat in my account for an hour or two before they deducted it.
  11. You guys trying to tell me that as a buyer, you've never walked over a 10% price difference? I don't believe you. 😅
  12. I dunno man. The last two years are almost making me remember the neon and motocross jerseys fondly. And I can't decide if that MCR pic makes me feel with-it, or old. I'm gonna go with old.
  13. I'm sure it's intended to be the same color at least. My first impression was probably just because it reads darker against the black. I'd love a Hawks one of those, but like with the Winter Classics, they're probably out of my price range. Looks like the cheapest ones went for 600 on the givesmart auction.
  14. I dig that. Is it a different shade than in the past, or does it just look different when there is black to contrast it against?
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