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  1. 2006-07 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins Road Set 1 Game Worn Jersey Worn in 20 games during the 2006-07 season as well as on October 28, 2006 at Philadelphia when he scored his first career hat-trick in the National Hockey League. See all the photos of the jersey here: 2006-07 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins Road Set 1 Game Worn Jersey at PenguinsChronicles.com
  2. 2017 Olli Maatta Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Final Home Game Worn Jersey See all the photos of the jersey here: 2017 Olli Maatta Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Final Home Game Worn Jersey at PenguinsChronicles.com
  3. Does anyone have a large swatch of white Air-Knit material at least 26" wide and about 6" tall? Also, I'm looking for two approximately 10"x10" swatches of black Air-Knit. Finally, if anyone has some Vegas gold from the striping on a 2000-07 Penguins black jersey I'd greatly appreciate it. Happy collecting!
  4. What did you use to clean off the residue?
  5. Malkin's has extra length added because a few years ago his jersey came off in a fight and since he doesn't use the fight strap they added the extra length to help prevent it and cover up the fact that he doesn't tie his jersey down. You'll also notice he has two extra swatches sewn in the back to the left and right of the set tag to prevent the jersey from moving as well.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like the jersey!
  7. James, We covered this in a thread that is now locked. I e-mailed you pictures of the jersey CLEARLY showing that the jersey was stripped. Other members here agreed with the images. It was OBVIOUS. I sold you EXACTLY what I sent you pictures of. I understand that you're upset about not getting the shipping reimbursed, but I delivered exactly what I sent you photos of and you asked for your money back. I sent you your money back for the jersey you purchased within 24 hours of receiving the patch back. Just so we're clear...you and Mike incorrectly assumed you could keep the patch for free and not send it back with the jersey. Happy collecting!
  8. 1992-93 Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins Home Set 1 Game Worn Jersey - Seven repairs including several on the sleeves and one near the NHL logo on the back - - Over 100 stick marks scattered throughout the front, back and sleeves - - Light blue board paint evident on the sleeves - - Interior piling in the sleeves near the elbow and cuff areas - - Worn in multiple games at the Civic Arena until January 5, 1993 vs. Boston - - The last jersey Lemieux wore before taking a leave of absence to fight Hodgkin's Disease - - Photo and Video Matched to multiple games including the cover of Sports Illustrated -
  9. Chris, you've now called me a diick Van Dyyke in the thread and via PM and a mofo in this thread. I'm sorry for not having grabbed your olive branch. I'm not trying to pull anything over on anyone. I'm looking forward to the feedback on the Avs jersey in this thread.
  10. Also, directly from the IJ.com forum rules... "What we really wish to stay away from is using this forum as a means to promote outside companies and their business activities. Everyone here knows how to use the Internet, and if they want to find a deal on jerseys, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to use google. If you found a great bargain somewhere out there in cyberland, then congratulations, take advantage of the deal, and relax and enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with getting a bargain. You researched it, you deserve to benefit from it. If you feel you absolutely must pass on your excitement to someone else, because you are such a deft and talented deal seeker, then send a PM or two to those you know within the community. As for everyone else, they can find their own deals! The information is out there for those who really wish to find it, so for that reason we don't feel it is necessary to use the IceJerseys BB as a promotional vehicle for other companies. In addition, IceJerseys has many great sales and promotions throughout the year, so feel free to share that information within the community . I am pretty sure you will get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you do!" I'm fairly certain the Chris has used this site to promote his book. Chris, are you yourself not held to the same rules as the rest of the community?
  11. You continue to not answer the question, Chris. Why didn't you make your reference book material available on a free website? The Hockey Hall of Fame puts TONS of free information and photos on their website. Check out the Legends Spotlight and Photo Galleries sections...they have TONS of jersey and game used photos. www.hhof.com Chris, I've updated the post and added the information. You continue to go on and on and on with this. It's clear that I sent photos of the jerseys including the ones to James that CLEARLY show the outline of a number 21. Again, you have something against me and this is personal for you. I get it. I'm not going to lie down and let you walk all over me. If you want to criticize me for not posting on here correctly, that's fine. I don't post things for sale on here often. I refunded your money right away and will even refund James' money despite sending him photos and him having a chance to examine the photos BEFORE buying the jersey. No one really cares about the trouble you went through to produce your book, yet you continue with the bleeding heart story.
  12. I took the vast majority of them myself at shows and meeting with collectors over the years. Others were from collectors or dealers who were gracious enough to allow me to use them on the site.
  13. I don't think all authors should give their work away for free. Far from it. I'm merely asking Chris why he didn't post his reference book for free on the Internet like I posted the hundreds of Penguins jersey photos that were on my site for all collectors to reference? I'm sure Chris has spent a lot of money on replica authentics. What does that have to do with him charging for a book that isn't 100% accurate?
  14. James, Why aren't you uploading the pictures? Because it's BEYOND obvious that there was a number on the jersey previously.
  15. Chris, I did update my original post. Go back and look. Again, I didn't do it in the timeframe that you wanted, but it's up there plain as day for all to see. Tell me one person - ONE - who I've screwed over. I refunded your money as soon as you asked for it. I'll refund James as soon as I get the jersey and the free 1997 Stanley Cup patch back from him. He saw pictures of the jersey and it was OBVIOUS that it was stripped. He still purchased it. If he's not happy, no problem. I've offered him a full refund. That's a cute story about the kid holding your book. Did you give the book to his dad for free? Back in 2006, I was in Pittsburgh and hosted the Pittsburgh Hockey Game Worn Jersey Expo. There was a family in town from Lansing, Michigan with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a day with Mario Lemieux. They came down to the show, but didn't come in that day. Later that night I saw them in the hotel shuttle. I asked them what they were in town for and they said they had gone to the game that night after skating with Mario that day. I knew that they didn't come into the show and Mario was this boys' favorite player. I asked if they wanted me to bring his game worn jerseys down that I owned. I let the boy try on the jerseys and get his picture taken with them. I also gave him a 1998-99 Jan Hrdina Home (white) game worn jersey that was worn in Gretzky's final game. I later received an e-mail from his mother about how much the family appreciated the gesture and that the boy cherished the jersey as much as he did he time with Mario For years I've operated a FREE website with hundreds of photos of Penguins game worn jerseys covering far more than 10 years and 757 pictures. It's a site that I'm sure you've used yourself numerous times. Why didn't you publish your book information for free? Why make a book and charge collectors for the information?
  16. James, with all due respect, I sent you plenty of photos of the Flyers jersey BEFORE you purchased it and you can CLEARLY see that it was stripped. This is a lot of revisionist history here. I know you're bff's with Chris and you're both on a rampage, but my goodness...I sent you front and back photos of the Flyers are it was OBVIOUS that it was stripped.
  17. Is it normal for a moderator to call a forum member and customer of icejerseys.com a "diick?"
  18. Chris, I have a job, a family, obligations and things far greater than the icejerseys.com forum. Unlike you, I actually log off rather than look for every opportunity to hawk an overpriced book that isn't exactly accurate. I made the updates to the original post. I just didn't do it as quickly as you would have liked. I've never screwed anyone in this hobby or tried to. I'm sorry to hear your bleeding heart story about your book venture. I really am. If you wanted to published something to help collectors you could've built a reference site, paid the small hosting and domain price tag and offered it for free, like me. Instead, you wanted to profit from a book. That's fine. Capitalism at its finest...well, not its finest given its poor performance, but you get the point. I have several great books on hockey jerseys that were actually worn in games sitting on my coffee table. If anyone wants to buy one just short of $11 US, you can find it here... http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1770851038/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1460698241&sr=8-1π=SY200_QL40&keywords=book+jerseys+hockey&dpPl=1&dpID=61jetgHJr%2BL&ref=plSrch Or here... http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1554078873/ref=pd_aw_fbt_14_img_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1W9D6Q9JVCPA92S05VY5
  19. Finally, Chris, I don't believe we've ever done a deal. I'm fine with you airing whatever dirty laundry you have about me in public. Are you going to say something about me not checking quick enough if I had a gold toe crest for you? Do tell.
  20. Me saying that once the jerseys leaves my possession has everything to do with you wanting me to value it below what you paid to avoid customs fees than it has to do with me wanting to dump it on unsuspecting buyers. You specifically asked me to undervalue it. It's pretty common in the industry to say the seller is no longer responsible if it's undervalued.
  21. Chris, It's obvious you have a vendetta against me. That's unfortunate. Ask anybody, I've helped tons of people in this hobby. I stand behind what I sell and have been the industry standard when it comes to Penguins jerseys for the last 15 years. I don't check this site every day. I posted some replica authentics and it's been more of a pain than it's worth. If you feel validated because you wrote a book about replicas and seemingly became some authority in replica authentics, that's fine. There are size limitations to what can be posted here. I sent everyone photos of the jerseys via email. I specifically asked to be emailed if someone was interested. You chose not to and did the PM route. It took me a few days to get back to you. You operate as if I owe you something. I don't owe you anything. When's the next overpriced replica authentic book coming out? Is your book 100% accurate? I wouldn't buy your book if it was $0.01 on Amazon as a former library copy.
  22. I've updated my original post for those who are interested. Happy collecting!
  23. Chris, I refunded your payment immediately and James, if you aren't happy with the Flyers and the free 1997 Stanley Cup patch that I included - as I mentioned to you via e-mail - I'll be happy to refund your money. I posted pictures from my phone and didn't have much time to put together full descriptions on the shirts since I don't deal in replica authentics often. What shady dealings have you had with me in the past, Chris? Please explain. I stand behind what I sell and am more than happy to refund your money if you have any issues whatsoever. Happy collecting!
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