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  1. Avizzv92

    It arrived today

    It did arrive promptly, shipping arrived ahead of schedule (USPS of all companies!). Can't wait for the Sept 27th Pre-Season Pens/Red wings game even if it is just a pre-season game.
  2. Avizzv92

    It arrived today

    Got my custom Talbot Jersey today, turned out very nice It may not have material nameplates but it doesn't bother me. Everything else, including stitching, is miles ahead of the replicas you get at the NHL.store. PS: Sorry for lower quality pictures, my camera isn't amazing and neither are my photography skills Now the only thing I'm waiting for is the season to finally start!
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/Pittsburgh-Penguins-09...id=p3286.c0.m14
  4. Though his intentions where good that could be considered harassment, and intentionally looking for conflict. I doubt their is much that can be done... other then not buying from the stores.... Which is harder for some.
  5. They are a "disease" that is spreading fast on the internet and in the outside world, and with a poor economy Reebok will have a even harder time selling the authenticates... It's pretty bad with the Pens Jerseys now that they won the cup your seeing a lot of counterfeit stuff.
  6. I'm waiting for Malone (might be false hope) to move onto a team I like more, then I'll get his jersey. 7 years is a while though unless he's traded...
  7. And some fans it seems hard for them to support players who play for other teams, just cause Scuderi left the team doesn't mean we can't support him. Malone is still one of my favorite players, I miss him, but still like to watch him play even if it is for the Lightning ....
  8. In all fairness we did the same to Jagr x 10... I didn't like him personally but he was a good player that I wouldn't mind having on a team.
  9. Okay, I see now... I'm not that picky as long as it's the stitching/name/number are all done well and looks nice. I doubt I'll mind not having a fabric nameplate... I don't know if anyone can be as lazy as Reebok when it comes to replicas... I'll do some searching around and see if anyone on the internet has pictures of Pens jerseys made by coolhockey/jerseyfactory.
  10. Avizzv92

    Jersey Factory

    I recently contacted coolhockey.com asking them if they accepted Paypal, they referred me to their new site jerseyfactory.com. If you look they share a lot of the same information and ad graphics. They are ran by the same company aswell... I ordered a jersey from jerseyfactory.com yesterday I'll post some pictures and tell you how it turned out when I get it.
  11. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Jerseys and different aspects of them. What is the difference (pictures would be nice) between nameplates and twill plates?
  12. I have talked to others who have and liked them a lot, and if there is any mistakes they said they would fix them at their expense... but I'm not worried.
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