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  1. Lemalin

    It arrived today v.

    Just received this 2012-2013 game issued jersey from Stéphane Dacosta. The Binghamton Senators used it for one game.
  2. Lemalin

    It arrived today v.

    Trés belle acquisition !!! J'aurai bien aimé mettre la main dessus Tu sais si il y en a d'autre maillot de pre-season de Bozon ? le blanc par exemple ? De mon côté, je vais bientôt recevoir un maillot de DaCosta des Binghamton Senators.
  3. So this jersey is not a fake ?!
  4. Lemalin

    Lost my grail on Ebay

    It's a crazy story to find the buyer on the forum
  5. Lemalin

    Lost my grail on Ebay

    I just sent a message to the seller. I hope he will help me
  6. Lemalin

    Lost my grail on Ebay

    even when the buyer has left feedback , I think it is not possible to see her nickname or contact him It was a Kasparaitis Rangers liberty jersey.
  7. Lemalin

    Lost my grail on Ebay

    Can you tell me how you will ask to the seller ? I'm afraid he doesn't want to give me the name of the winner...
  8. Lemalin

    Lost my grail on Ebay

    I wish I ask for your help. I had found my grail jersey on ebay last Wednesday. I asked the seller if he could send in europe jersey ( I live in France ) and he told me there was no problem. The auction ended Friday and at the time of bid, eBay said me that I can't bid because I was living outside the united states. So I lost the auction and my grail... Can you tell me how I can get the buyer's name and if you think he would agree to sell it to me if I make it a higher offer? Thank you very much for your valuable assistance Best regards
  9. Lemalin

    The Want List

    Thank a lot for your answer. I will wait for the special auction for Dejardins special pacth. I hope this patch will have better look than the ugly Lindros/Leclair one...
  10. Lemalin

    The Want List

    Hi, I'm looking to any French player like: Huet / Da Costa / Bozon / Bellemare Thank
  11. Lemalin

    It arrived today v.

    Thebiggoalie, i'm jealous of your Kasparaitis gamer... what a beauty !!!
  12. Lemalin

    It arrived today v.

    Pierre-Edouard Bellemare is a good choice
  13. I bought a game worn jersey from the Ottawa team shop and after two weeks of waiting ( I live in France ) I received my package. I was shocked to see that it was not the right jersey ... I tried to contact them by mail and telephone , but I had no answers . Someone has already had this kind of problem ? Do you know if the Ottawa team shop will want to do something ? Thanks for your help
  14. Lemalin

    Advertising on jerseys :(

    I'm a French fan of nhl and I am happy that there is no advertising on the jerseys of the National League. In France, the jersey of the elite teams in the league are covered by advertising. It's very ugly !!! Here's an example of my favorite French team : Les Dragons de Rouen.