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  1. I wouldn't do it!! You might decrease the value no to mention the patch might come off as smoothly as you think. best just to wait for another patch to come up for sale. Cheers Lexy
  2. Lex87

    To Leave or not to leave

    More than likely it will be noticeable. You'll probably notice a color difference in the fabric, as the areas that are embroidered have been protected from the elements all this time. Unless what your replacing it with is similar in size, you will probably notice the area where the old embroidery was. If it's glued on ......good luck. It's normally a mess getting it off.I would take it to a professional embroidery shop and ask them for options, preferably someone whose got a good reputation. Good Luck!! Alex
  3. The storm trooper jerseys are killer!! Crimson, I'm surprised that an embroidery shop won't do just a one off for you. Most places will bend the copyright rules if it's just for personal use and your not going to make money off it. I had some patches done for something completely unrelated and I don't remember there being a minimum requirement. Give em a try ... who knows ?? Cheers Alex
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