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  1. VERY nice Nieds, my man. I believe it was Pro-Set that had him wearing the white #27 on his card. I was very into card collecting In the ealy 90’s but I can’t believe I remember that. Congrats!!
  2. mfitz804

    eBay version 4.0

    Yeah I don’t think you can stick him with the fees once he cancels. But that’s pretty hack. I recently sold a cheap item ($8) and I accidentally had it set as fee shipping when I intended the price to be “plus shipping”. I didn’t b**** about it, I took the hit because it was my mistake. Your guy, definitely wasn’t a mistake.
  3. The reason they have a Spring sale is because it’s their slowest time anyway. I assume it’s wedged in right before they start doing playoff sets ordinarily. But yeah, I would think that is a possibility this time around.
  4. The two dudes laying on each other behind the net looked awfully comfortable like that, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  5. A jersey customizer HAS to be an essential service, no???
  6. Usually it’s about the same as their normal wait. 6-8 weeks for teams they currently do, 8-12 for teams they don’t, and add up to 3 weeks if they get really busy.
  7. I literally got pulled into a parking lot fight at the old Continental Airlines Arena for walking past a Rangers fan who was just looking for anything black and red to swing at. The rivalry has calmed down since we both have sucked for an extended time. Or maybe just I have mellowed out in my old age.
  8. Aside from the job, that doesn’t seen that different for you.
  9. You guys...full of humor. Well, you’re full of SOMETHING.
  10. I spent a little time on this issue, and I was not able to find a single photograph of an Ultrafil jersey having been worn in the Cup finals. Everything I looked at was either obviously airknit or inconclusive. Part of the issue is probably that the pictures aren't as high res as they would be if they were taken now. If it happened today, they would have been sold online and there would be pictures of the entire set floating around, but I did not see that while I'm searching. Instead I went to Getty Images and looked at the pictures that were close-ups so I could see detail. Brodeur, Daneyko, Stevens, Lemieux, all in airknit. Then I went to the videotape. As we know, video of hockey from 1995 is awful. When Mike Peluso was on the bench crying like a baby, they showed him close up and I think saw the airknit pattern. Can't be sure. Very hard, next to impossible to tell anything from the video. Sure was fun to watch the celebration again, though. So there is no question air knits were worn. the question becomes, has anyone seen proof of an Ultrafil having been worn in the finals?
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