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  1. I have clarification, what was told me was backwards. Game jerseys are kiss-cut. they were originally going to be double layer, but changed for some reason. Game jerseys were customized on-site in STL. Skills jerseys are customized by EPS, and have been for a few years, thus why there can be nuanced difference from what team customizers do for teams. Hope this helps.
  2. It does, which goes against what I was told and was spec'd. So perhaps EPS changed it. Is that a jersey worn in the game or one of the media days jerseys?
  3. Adidas only makes what is ordered. If Adidas Canada accounts ordered both colorways, then that's what they get. So it's not that they didn't bother, but they fulfilled the orders they received. The orders come in from team shops, online and retail and that's what they make. If no one orders a White Kings jerseys, then none are made. It stinks if someone can't find their team in the color they want, but from a business stance, you can't make a ton of extra jerseys and have them sitting around losing money.
  4. The game jerseys weren't kiss cut, just standard double layer.
  5. It's my bad then, the lighting of the pic looks like they just put two rows of silver zig zag stitch on white twill to mimic the silver layer. Is that kiss-cut?
  6. Reebok always spec'd 4" for nameplate height, but customizers tend to do what they want. IF they did receive the nameplates direct from Reebok then they may have been 4". Measuring a gamer, as you said, would be the best.
  7. The Sabres 50th is not garbage.
  8. What's your theory? I probably have your answer.
  9. Reebok has and continues to operate as its own separate company. All of the business and design decision you cited they made, not Adidas.
  10. 7387 is H/A 7310 is a practice jersey code (warmups too) Just factory inventory tracking.
  11. HannuVirta

    Protoype Jerseys

    Agreed 100%. Since it is a proto, leaving it as it is keeps the integrity of it.
  12. HannuVirta

    Protoype Jerseys

    SP still uses that exact fabric. The Bauer/Nike factory is the SP factory.
  13. HannuVirta

    Protoype Jerseys

    One correction I'll make is that the teams got to choose who made their jerseys, this is not true. That would have been worked into the deal negotiated by Nike, they were trying to add another 6 top teams at the time. They would have had NYR, Buffalo, Pittsburgh for sure, plus I believe Florida or Tampa, Montreal and another who I can't recall. Maybe Colorado. Nike wanted to the best teams or historic teams.
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