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  1. Have an away NYR in the mail. Help me pick between Kreider, Zuccarello and Brassard (or convince me of someone else)!
  2. Well, I'm almost on a full year of waiting for Reebok to release size 50 NYR aways The Baron told me early 2015 in September, then told me early June about a month ago and still nothin So, moral of this post, am looking for a size 50 away NYR, preferably blank
  3. $85And they said a month, but my brother decided to take it upon himself to send it 2 weeks late so it was done in 2!
  4. Fresh back from Arena Wear today!
  5. Twas a long 5 months for this bad boy!
  6. JohnC

    It is good or not?

    Can someone tell me how a mid 90's Nike medium would fit compared to other brand's jerseys?
  7. I don't know if this'll help anyone but I emailed EPS and they said they have reebok nameplates to do Rangers jerseys Obv arena wear is the real deal but I trust EPS enough
  8. Does the baron/anyone on here have any NYR nameplates??
  9. They told me yesterday that customization would take 4-5 weeks due to workload so I don't know if they factor the lack of nameplates into that estimate
  10. Finally! Off to Arena Wear tomorrow!
  11. A replica NYR navy Liberty that, after a few years, I finally got customized with Leetch last summer
  12. Good looks my friend but Reebok didn't support the little people on this one :/
  13. At least now I know if I'm gonna need to get a letter put on!
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