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  1. My entire ebay sales page could be listed in here lol. What happened to the jersey collecting market?
  2. I probably should have lol. Would have made it easier
  3. Neglected this forum for a while, my apologies. I bring to you, game worn Dallas Stars beauties...might have to make one or two available so if anyone has interest just PM me. 17/18 set 2 away Untitled by Untitled by 17/18 Set 3 Home Untitled by Untitled by 17/18 Set 2 Away Untitled by Untitled by 17/18 Set 3 Home Untitled by Untitled by 17/18 Set 3 Home Untitled by Untitled by
  4. I picked up a couple game worn Brooks Orpik jerseys recently, I've always liked the guy. So are there any Penguins Orpiks out there? Authentic is fine. Size 56-60.
  5. I found you the sickest Labarbera Phantoms but the guy won’t move it. So I get a free jersey for trying right?
  6. I probably could have in 2014 but I don’t think I can anymore haha. Getting older sucks.
  7. I know I know. I just can’t get into spending $300 on an authentic anymore. Any time I’ve tried to sell a few on FB or eBay I’m lucky if I can even get $200. I’m gonna be patient with this search or look for trades mostly.
  8. Not sure how active this page is anymore but does anyone wanna part with some Winter Classic authentics? Looking for size 54-60. I have 2010 Flyers, 2012 Flyers, 2009 Hawks, 2016 Bruins, and 2016 Habs. Let me know if anything is available. Can trade too.
  9. Looking for a white 2015 All Star jersey. Size 54-60 would be fine. Blank or Voracek.
  10. I would love to see Casey do the type of things he does on the internet to people in person. He looks like the biggest clown I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the things I’ve seen him post about other people’s families and stuff. What a low class human.
  11. I’m drawing a complete blank, what jersey did I get from you?
  12. So does anyone here wanna buy my Canadian adidas ducks? Save me from the continued misery of FB? ?
  13. So I gave in and listed some nice Ducks jerseys for sale including an Adidas team issue made in Canada. Not only did I hardly receive interest but the interest I did receive was ridiculous. I’ve never seen a larger group of Arse clowns then on Facebook. I don’t understand. I had a guy all set to buy the Adidas Ducks and he guaranteed he would send money in the morning. Asked for more pictures and I gladly sent them. Then he read all my messages. So I asked what was up. He said he couldn’t buy it because his wife would be mad. I only expierence this crap on Facebook. I hate it.
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