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  1. cray-

    Next on your list...

    sweet....just found my next jersey: http://jayandsilentbob.com/lerehoje.html muahahahahaha...combine smith and hockey into 1 glorious product...and all for fiddy bux ewe ess....sold!
  2. cray-

    Interesting Fakes

    The postage rate was high but not unreasonable if he was using an Express Post service for overnight. Though they usually state that in the text. But it does seem to be quite common for people to make a bit of extra profit by overcharging on postage. And certainly the dodgy dealers use that more and more. As long as its clearly stated then its up to the buyer to factor that into any purchasing descision. As far as International postage goes I don't think most Australian ebayers are too interested in intl sales. The same goes for many North Americans. I am often quoted upwards of 50$US dollars to post quite small/light weight articles whose value is a fraction of that amount. Certainly intl postage is a bit more expensive but either the seller wants to make some more profit or they just want to scare people away by quoting high and hoping the offer wont be accepted. Thankfully most people don't work this way and buying from O/S is a very cost effective thing for us. Just to set the record straight: I never for one second thought these jerseys where anything but fake. I only posted on here as I found it quite fun to pick out the various mistakes and just to stir up a bit of conversation on the topic. The seller is back under a new name with 1 star rating btw. Just search for "Hockey Jersey" on ebay.com.au and it's pretty much all him. Oh well, buyer beware I guess.
  3. cray-

    Next on your list...

    Next jersey will be a cheap russian ebay special....red CCCP...Tretiak I guess. I wonder if there are any design with a bigass hammer and sickle as the crest....that'd be cool. When i save up a bit more cash I'm looking to grab a couple of WHL jerseys. A Red Deer Rebels Phaneuf as he's one of my favourite players and a blank Calgary Hitmen in white as I'm a part time Flames fan and just think the hitmen logo is cool. Any suggestions on where to get the WHL gear? Keeping in mind its gonna need International postage. The bug has definitely bitten this aussie...<worried look>
  4. jeffb: ######! when you've got a database to keep track of things you know your serious. my total is now up to 5! after grabbing my first two from icejerseys [devils red, devils all black practice] i've got the bug and have started scouring ebay for older cheaper stuff. more in my price range basically. this week ive snagged myself an older style leafs jersey, the old MIGHTY ducks purple green jersey just for nostalgia sake and a 2002 team canada koho in red. hopefully i got a few bargains and no fakes...but we'll see when the postman arrives. i guess that means im hooked...oh noes.....
  5. wont let me see/download em. need to set permissions or something like that?
  6. cray-

    Interesting Fakes

    link no worky.....looks like someone dobbed him in....oh well
  7. cray-

    Interesting Fakes

    Sent a message regarding whether the crest was iron-on or stitched in this jersey: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...ADME:L:RTQ:AU:1 Reply i got was: "stitched, this is an original CCM jersey so its the quality the pro's use, everything is stitched and the material is A+. read the feedbacks left for my hockey tops!!!" Does this color scheme and crest even match up with a particular year? It looks like the current crest from the Team Canada 2006 Olympic Swift jerseys.
  8. cray-

    Interesting Fakes

    Just noticed this when searching Australian ebay [<- note location] http://sportsgoods.search.ebay.com.au/_Hoc...QsassZcozpacino Obviously an "official" CCM Jersey....even a replica for this price sounds a bit too good to be true. [40$AUD = 31$USD = 37$CAD] The pictures are kind of small and dodgy and the only jersey I can compare it to is my own brand new Devils CCM Replica from icejerseys. First thing I noticed was the crest. Very very small and the sticthing...if it even is stitched at all...has some sections with black borders and some with white. It's all over the shop basically. Even though it has swing tags and labels and even the little NHL puck logo on the back. I'm almost tempted to buy one just to see how sketchy it is, but I don't really want to support this kind of thing. I wouldnt mind so much if they didn't claim that it was legit. If they just said it was a copy...illegal in itself...but you where prepared to pay for it anyway thats your choice. Considering the quality it's pretty obvious to most people. But I do feel sorry for anyone handing over their hard earned and not realising. Might see how these things sell and then report the guy later. What do you guys think? See much of this on us/ca ebay? At markets/street corners/dark alley ways? Considering it cost me 260$AUD [205$USD] including shipping to get 1 replica and 1 practice jersesy down here you can see why people might be tempted. Are jerseys more affordable to the average fan up there?
  9. Wouldnt adding a captcha at signup stop most of this spam? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha Of course I'm assuming there isnt already one. Can't really remeber since I've signed up to so many forums. Just read on the Invision forums that the newer 2.2 version of this forum software has an upgraded captcha system that is supposed to be stronger. If you already have this in place it might be a good idea to grab the latest update. Good Luck
  10. cray-

    Correct Jersey Sizing

    Correct. And yes it is summer down here. Amazingly there was snowfall in Victoria and NSW on Christmas day. And in some parts of NZ. That kind of stuff is just insane. Weather on this planet is seriously messed up. Can't be a good thing....anywho..back on topic. Definitely going to be sticking with the L sizing from now on. Will try and get this XL trimmed and re-sewn locally as postage was USD$35 from icejerseys to me the first time + whatever it costs me to mail it back to them. Even if I used Priority Airmail it's going to add up. Oh well, live and learn.
  11. cray-

    Correct Jersey Sizing

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Just unwrapped my presents and tried em on. First let me say that I'm EXTREMELY happy with the icejerseys service, the postage was pricey but it did get to the other side of the world in 5 days, well before Christmas and the fans and staff on here have been most helpful. And now to the bad news: I think we over-estimated on the sizing. I'm absolutely swimming about in the XL I ended up with a Devils XL replica in red and the older style all black Devils practice jersey in L. I tried 'em both on with a t-shirt, then a big thick warm jumper/sweater and the L fits over it just nicely. I think the XL though is a size too big. We've been through this already, I know they are sposed to be roomy and worn big, but maybe I overestimated my weight or something. I'll try and take some photos and see what you guys think. Then I have to decide on my options. If icejerseys would allow a swap for size, the cost of postage might not make it worthwhile. I could probably get it cut-up and sewn back together as an L for less. Especially since the replica's are just overlocked on the seams and very simple shape. The other thing I'm considering is whether or not to exchange/upgrade to the authentic if they would allow it. Just waiting for a reply to a question in another thread regarding the cresting. Oh well, I'm semi-happy anyway. The jerseys still look awesome! It's forecast for a 34degC Christmas Day, so not really hockey jersey weather but I'm still wearing my practice jersey around the house, sweating it out cause I dont wanna take it off. Hope everyone has a great holiday season and santa brings you something nice. Michael
  12. What are the big team logo's made out of on the authentic jerseys? I just got my two devils replica's for xmas and yeah the big logo on the front is stiff like cardboard. I know its only a replica with fake stiching...but ive never seen any hockey jerseys before...replica or authentic so I wasnt aware of all the differences. They still look great in photos. Unfortunately you just can't buy this stuff from shops anywhere over here so I had no choice but to buy from icejerseys, sight unseen. If the logo on the authentics is much softer and maleable then I might have to save my pennies for an upgrade cause im a wee bit dissapointed No offence to icejerseys or anyone else, its not their fault. Its just something I had to learn the hard way cause of the above circumstances. Merry Christmas
  13. cray-

    Correct Jersey Sizing

    Interesting...but no go: We're sorry but the provider of this video has not authorized Google to display this video in your location. Might be able to route it through a proxy or something, but even so the latest game on the page is Nov 28th. And although this game Devils@Kings Nov 27th 2006 is listed on the main page. If you click on either the Devils or Kings logo's they only seem to show games from October. Good idea, but looks like I'll be sticking to my current distribution method. Thanks anyway.
  14. cray-

    Correct Jersey Sizing

    w00t! Just got a box dropped on my desk from the Fed-Ex man [ssshhhh I'm at work] so I can't open it till I get home. And TECHNICALLY the red jersey is my Christmas present so I should really just let my girlfriend take care of it...but but but.... It's not easy. There is zero coverage on Free-to-Air TV and maybe 1-2 edited games/wk shown on "cable". Our Pay-TV system is very weak, with the rights to most major events/sport and all the popular imported tv shows owned by the commercial free-to-air networks. This means 5 and a half channels of mostly rubbish which we don't have to pay for, but do have to put up with numerous ad breaks. Pay-TV is expensive and full of b-grade trash. Good if you want 3 channels dedicated to Aussie Rules football or Rugby and tonnes of old movies that have been available for rental for months. You are also forced into paying for packages of 20+ channels full of all the crap you don't want in order to get the 3-4 channels that are worth watching. ie. Discovery, National Geographic and the ones that show a variety of international sport that we don't compete in. So pretty pathetic...which leaves us hockey fans only one place to turn to. Won't go into details here but I think you can figure it out. ooooooo can't wait to get home and open my box of goodies....
  15. Another football fan here...well "soccer" to you guys. Sif that gridiron nonsense counts as football, they hardly ever kick the ball. Even Aussie rules football beats it and i HATE aussie rules, mostly because all the players are really up 'emselves wankers, but thats another story. Enjoy most types of motorsport. World Rally Championship and F1. Really dont get into nascar and indy/champcar/whateva. Oval track is just way too boring. Although F1 lately hasnt been much better with most races being decided by pitlane trickery. Enjoy watching "extreme" sports type stuff. Moto-X, quad bikes, sleds, skiing, snowboarding, skating, mountain biking, etc. I like skiing when i get the chance, which is VERY rarely in Australia. It does actually snow here in certain areas but in recent years the season has been getting worse and worse. There isnt much doubt about global warming in the minds of australian skiiers/snowboarders. So today I'm heading out with my Subaru Liberty [Legacy on the International market] Club for a cruise and then BBQ lunch followed by some timed racing around a small track. We also do motorkhana events and other trackdays. Good fun to use the cars for what they where designed for. Can't do anything silly on the streets nowadays as the police are really cracking down. oh well....another longass cray- rant over...
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