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  1. But it helps 3rd world families get fed!
  2. At the Hershey Bears - Wilkes Barre Penguins game today, I saw two jerseys that had to be China jobs. One exactly like that (throwback jersey with Crosby's name on it), with the stitching where the tag would be at above the name a bit off, and a Staal Winter Classic jersey, where you could tell where the fight strap was too small (at least looking at the stitching on the back of the jersey, it was definitely smaller than the typical stitching on fight straps, not to mention the fabric on it didn't look right.
  3. What he said, I wore my Hershey Bears jersey when I went to see it in Toronto, but that was because I was going to see a Marlies-Bears game later that day.
  4. I would join the team if they didn't use Penguins jerseys! But what Hockey Music said. Might be putting money into the hands of the counterfeiters, but at least you are using the jersey for something useful.
  5. 1. Yes, very much so. I like having the number 13 on my jersey, but, for instance, I am a Sixers fan when it comes to basketball. There is no way I will rock my name, and a 13 on a Sixers jersey, because of Wilt Chamberlin. Seeing a hockey jersey with a 99, or a famous/retired number, with a customized name, that is very wrong. 2. Yeah, that is tricky. The way I see it, if you have the same last name as a famous player, you are better off not going for a customized jersey with your name on it, or if you are a fan of a team that famous player is on, its better just to buy that jersey. My one ex-girlfriend went this route with a Phillies jersey years back, since she shared the same last name as a player that was on the team at the time.
  6. I am cool with someone putting their own name on a jersey. Look at it this way, only one person is in total control of who is loyal to the team that person's name is on. You. (And hey, don't we all wish we can be a part of the team) Slogans and such on the other hand, those should really be saved for t-shirts.
  7. I think even Ronald McDonald would call those jerseys hideous
  8. Im resigned to the fact that the Flyers will now finish no better than 3rd in the Atlantic Division
  9. Well, hopefully that stabilizes things in Tampa. It has turned into a nice southern market compared to most of the other ones, and it would be sad if it went down the drain due to bad ownership or such.
  10. PYLrulz


    Who wants to support the Nets?!?
  11. PYLrulz


    Absolutely justified. As you said, if he bid on it a couple of days ago, and then couldn't retract the bid, that's fine, but within 2 minutes of the auction ending, either you want it or you don't.
  12. Looking like something can be done. Thanks
  13. I am curious if anybody would know about if there is anyplace I would be able to get a Hershey Bears number kit for the number design for about a few seasons ago (2007-08). Here is some pics with the design so you guys know what I am talking about.
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