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  1. I just bought a Leafs alumni Winter Classic for $190.00. He was originally asking $220. I just threw him an offer and he accepted it.
  2. Did somebody post a link to the Leafs authenics on here at one time???I want to order one around late summer.
  3. Expensive? Yes. Worth it??? Oh Hell yes!
  4. It was supposed to say T**ties.
  5. Agreed. The Winter and the Heritage is good enough. And who wants to play outdoor hockey in Southern California???
  6. Sounds like it's an authentic. Somebody should buy one and let us know.
  7. Good to know. I hope you keep us posted if and when the authentics will be released.
  8. I really want to buy one now, but I also want to hold off until later in case they start selling the authentics.
  9. That's such a sweet jersey, but not for $600. I do intend on dropping the money for an authentic and the laces would have to be changed to white.
  10. I hope it isn't those stupid Indo jerseys.
  11. After the decesion is made for the style of jersey, when do you guy's think the retailers will start selling these?
  12. I got mine in jr. high and it was a Minnesota Gophers mesh jersey. Before that, I would sometimes wear my older brothers white mesh North Stars jersey.
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