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  1. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    I just bought a Leafs alumni Winter Classic for $190.00. He was originally asking $220. I just threw him an offer and he accepted it.
  2. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    Did somebody post a link to the Leafs authenics on here at one time???I want to order one around late summer.
  3. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    Expensive? Yes. Worth it??? Oh Hell yes!
  4. 1942 leafs sweater found

    It was supposed to say T**ties.
  5. 1942 leafs sweater found

    Thats ...Eh!
  6. Agreed. The Winter and the Heritage is good enough. And who wants to play outdoor hockey in Southern California???
  7. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    Sounds like it's an authentic. Somebody should buy one and let us know.
  8. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    Good to know. I hope you keep us posted if and when the authentics will be released.
  9. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    I really want to buy one now, but I also want to hold off until later in case they start selling the authentics.
  10. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    That's such a sweet jersey, but not for $600. I do intend on dropping the money for an authentic and the laces would have to be changed to white.
  11. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    I hope it isn't those stupid Indo jerseys.
  12. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    After the decesion is made for the style of jersey, when do you guy's think the retailers will start selling these?
  13. F-liar's Authentics Mega-Sale

    Is the Wild jersey an Indo Edge?
  14. What was your first jersey?

    I got mine in jr. high and it was a Minnesota Gophers mesh jersey. Before that, I would sometimes wear my older brothers white mesh North Stars jersey.
  15. Who/what are you wearing opening night?

    My work uniform.