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    Owned: Canadiens Barbershop 08-09 Authentic Desired: Canucks 97 3rd Authentic
  1. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    nasty tootoo and mcgrattan guys!
  2. bupz91

    Coyotes Game Worn?

    The Detroit Hockey Company is great, I have two Coyotes gamers from them. Very easy to work with.
  3. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    I do have to start cropping. Lazy
  4. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    jeez, they do have the same logos haha.
  5. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    Thanks guys! Nice mask, Baie Comeau i'm assuming?
  6. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    more gamers! 08-09 Mike Richards Jersey off our back set 11-12 Frazer McLaren Worcester Sharks White Set 05-06 George Laraque Blue Set 2 (Vs Fedoruk and Boogaard) repaired neck and a grail 03-04 Scott Parker White Set, Blood Stains, Neck repair, fight strap ripped half out. Hope no ones dad says mine are fake
  7. bupz91

    Double Fight Strap

    My Orr and Boulerice game worns have 2. I think it is one of the coolest fighter modifications to a jersey there is.
  8. bupz91


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/160797784120?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I lucked out as well.
  9. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    Thanks guys, all 3 fit into the tough guys collection very well haha.
  10. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    09-10 3rd Set Jersey off our back night 10-11 White Set 1 (5 fights, 12 Photomatches)
  11. bupz91

    New arrivals v5.0

    no posts in a while. 09-10 White Set 1: 08-09 White Set 1: 08-09 White Set 1: (With Ducks) 10-11 White Set 2: (Jumped off bench to fight Haley in Islanders-Pens Brawl) 10-11 Black Set 1: (First fight at Console Energy Center)
  12. bupz91

    Gameworn jersey tags

    differs from team to team and year.
  13. I only paid 250 which I considered to be a steal. They are really nice to deal with too.
  14. http://www.hamiltonbulldogs.com/11-12-game-worn-jerseys-1st-set it's where I got my Bonneau
  15. I personally only get sick of selling/trading stuff to someone and then seeing them list the price at 2x the amount like a week after you trade it.
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