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  1. Nathan

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    It's a great story, but he had nothing to do with why those were never done. Also, he did acquire Pavol Demitra for Christer Olsson.
  2. Nathan

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    It's been like that for years. I have an old Michael Dean Perry Browns jersey from 1988 or 1989, and he was listed at 6'1" and about 290. The jersey is maybe the size of a youth t-shirt, and it has slits cut into the side of so that a lace could be run through it and cinched down.
  3. Nathan

    Appreciating the Reebok Edge 1.0

    The switch from 1.0 to 2.0 was a phase-in process that spanned multiple seasons, depending on team and multiple factors. It began in 2007-08, and was pretty much done by 2010-11, although some holdouts like Martin Erat continued with a 1.0 past that point. Most teams continued using 1.0 in the preseason just because they had the stock on hand, but that's not across the board.
  4. Nathan

    Anyone have any info on this NY Rangers jersey?

    Pro Player was a subsidiary of Fruit of the Loom, which went into bankruptcy in December 1999. The Pro Player line itself went belly-up in either February or early March 2000, which threw everything into chaos. That CCM would have swooped in and made at least a handful of jerseys according to various specs is not unexpected. I own a white Oilers CCM jersey with tail tagging and a silver shield, and they too were a team that used Pro Player in 1999-00.
  5. Nathan

    Anyone have any info on this NY Rangers jersey?

    That's exactly what it is. CCM jerseys made in early 2000 had tail tagging, and ones made later in the year (and going forward from then) had this removed and the logo on the back of the neck. You can occasionally find Columbus and Minnesota jerseys that have CCM on the tail.
  6. Nathan

    customization laugher

    A few years ago, I picked up an old uncrested Cleveland Lumberjacks that someone had added a goofy skull and crossbones patch to the front of. The price was decent enough. I get it in my hands, and it turns out that the dumbass I bought it from had actually removed the Lumberjacks crest completely, thrown it away, and replaced it with something that looked like it came from a Harley dealer. Not only that, it looks and feels like it was put on there using a hydraulic press. I think I've used a pint of acetone trying to get it off there, and have only succeeded in peeling the perimeter up from the edges.
  7. Nathan

    1993 Denis Savard Cup Finals jersey help....

    Is it a French 100-year patch, or English?
  8. Nathan

    1993 Denis Savard Cup Finals jersey help....

    The only picture I've found of Savard against the Kings from that season with him wearing white was from the regular season. It's the one of him and Luc Robitaille, but you can see the Stanley Cup 100th patch on Robitaille and sort of make out the All-Star patch on Savard.
  9. Nathan

    1993 Denis Savard Cup Finals jersey help....

    The game that Savard played was Game 1, which was in Montreal and had the Habs wearing their usual home whites.
  10. Nathan

    third jerseys are back

    The story is true, the motive may not be.
  11. Nathan

    Accuracy/Quality quandary

    I have a late-1980s Penguins jersey with 66s on it, which all looks to be accurate. The problem is that it has a screened crest on airknit, which is correct for 1987-88. But the sewn twill numbers, in addition to the placement of said numbers, didn't start until 1988-89 - which was an ultrafil jersey. So my quandary is whether to strip off the numbers and have everything re-done according to the original on-ice specs, which to me were hideous. Or I can keep it as it is, which looks significantly nicer even though it does create a material/accuracy mismatch. Or I can pick up a sewn twill crest and include that when I sell/trade it., without actually sewing it down or placing it. Thoughts? First is 1987-88, second is 1988-89
  12. Nathan

    third jerseys are back

    Nah, it was because a bunch of Penguins fans got liquored up in, grabbed onto him, and either thrusting or grinding on him. I think that was the 8th day after Boomer made his first in-game appearance, so I'd imagine that they were simply excited for Boomer's bris.
  13. Nathan

    third jerseys are back

    They were first worn the day after Thanksgiving, which I believe was a home game against Detroit. The unveiling was the day before Thanksgiving, during the intermission of a road game against the Islanders.
  14. Nathan

    Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Could always do a 00 Gaborik draft jersey. I don't have any clue if that was Pro Player or not, but it might have been. Or have a #1 with a big name that says "FANS" on it. Gotta remember the retired numbers.
  15. Nathan

    Jersey Collector's Glossary

    Actually, I am a Buzek fan if you still have it.