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  1. The Want List

    New want list: LA Kings Edge Authentic Home or Away in size 46 (blank or with Quick lettering)
  2. It arrived today v.

    Nice pickups!!! The TBTC Roenick is especially nice
  3. Callahan for St. Louis

    Interesting indeed. It makes no sense for TB to trade Marty for a pending UFA who wants mega dollars that he's not worth. If St.Louis does want out, I'm thinking Yzerman can find a better deal than Callahan
  4. 2014 winter classic

    Hey does anyone know where I could find a Leafs WC scarf?
  5. It arrived today v.

    Yup it does. Had it done by SLC
  6. It arrived today v.

    Yeah that was the only thing. Still looks great overall. Forgot that the sleeves are shorter on the 46 but the jersey fits great
  7. The Want List

    New wants: Blackhawks Winter Classic Authentic size 46 Blackhawks black third jersey Size 46 Reebok Maple Leafs Edge 2.0 Home Blank Size 46 Maple Leafs Edge 2.0 Third Blank Size 46 Bruins Edge 2.0 Home Blank Size 46
  8. It arrived today v.

    This beauty came in Very happy. Size 46 JvR WC jersey with the patch
  9. It arrived today v.

    Beautiful Flames jersey. I wish I had an authentic one. Just own the replica for now until I can get one
  10. It arrived today v.

    Love the Suter Nice haul Fly
  11. It arrived today v.

    Where did you get that Bergeron? I've been looking for one for a looong time
  12. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    Medium. The Small I found was really tight
  13. Official Stadium Series thread

    If there's an extra size 46 in the Kings ss can someone let me know. I'm looking for an authentic one
  14. eBay version 3.0

    I am kinda tempted to get a JVR one.
  15. eBay version 3.0

    You vets at IJ continue to impress me. I'd probably be the one guy who thought it was legit before and now, I make sure I research everything to make sure stuff is accurate.