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  1. I know LutchUSA sells jerseys but I don't think they're Edge 2.0s. I was wondering where I could get a Reebok made one, particularly one from the 2014-15 season. Preferably with customization because I'd like to get one for Artemi Panarin. Also, if possible, where could I get a patch for the 2015 Gagarin Cup?
  2. I thought game-issued meant they were just like the jerseys on the ice. Guess I'm wrong.
  3. So it looks like that because of the size of the sweater? I didn't think the jersey size would effect the seams. Thanks.
  4. I have a game issued Jonathan Toews jersey (which is from Canada, not Indonesia) with a 2013 Final Patch and a captain "C" patch, as seen here: (sorry the pic is sideways) However, as seen in pictures and footage from the parade, the patches aren't exactly in the right place. For instance, look at this picture of the parade: I'm pretty sure the players wore their game-worn jerseys to the parade. Notice how at the parade, Toews' Finals and "C" patch is just before the seam, while on my jersey (which was stitched at Jerry's Hockey Warehouse in Schaumburg, Illinois), the patches lie on the seam. My question is: how risky would it be to get the patches repositioned? I don't want any stitch marks. It's been sorta bugging me for a while.