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  1. Nice grab! I was at the warehouse with that jersey in hand but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Been spending a bit too much lately lol
  2. Just started happening every other page i load on my phone No bueno
  3. I believe AlereFlammam on this site was selling a size 56 with nameplate, not sure if he still has it
  4. FlyersFan376

    eBay version 4.0

    I'm with this guy! Or not... does that count as being social?
  5. FlyersFan376

    eBay version 4.0

    While I agree with everything else you said, the whole not caring what they do afterward seems unlikely considering there's a 98% chance you're already cooking up a plan to reacquire said jersey XD
  6. I think i have about 100, been going for 3 years I definitely moved quick in the beginning, finally slowed down recently and hopefully will keep myself under control for a while We'll see lol
  7. LOL Speaking of ever-elusive, my Ghost union jersey arrived and I finally found my frozen four patch-- i'll be sending it over for some work if that's ok, Mike
  8. Beautiful-- already ordered mine too, can't wait for it to arrive Now i just need to find my frozen four patch in a year old pile of junk somewhere...
  9. My Larkin just arrived today: Edit-- It seems to me that the numbers aren't as reflective as what the gamers looked like, but who knows I have full pics in my album in my signature in case anyone wants the overview Second pic is the bottom of the back number, 3rd is the arm number
  10. FlyersFan376

    eBay version 4.0

    I was just talking to that guy about that Couturier jersey... He's a character that's for sure I mean, he has a right to ask whatever price he wants, but when the Watson night Coots goes for $450 and the Brindy one ended at 550 you gotta be realistic
  11. Maybe they only put fight straps in the jerseys for the troublemakers of the bunch I could see someone getting frustrated with getting manhandled by McDavid and wanting to knock his lights out
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