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  1. I believe AlereFlammam on this site was selling a size 56 with nameplate, not sure if he still has it
  2. I'm with this guy! Or not... does that count as being social?
  3. While I agree with everything else you said, the whole not caring what they do afterward seems unlikely considering there's a 98% chance you're already cooking up a plan to reacquire said jersey XD
  4. LOL Speaking of ever-elusive, my Ghost union jersey arrived and I finally found my frozen four patch-- i'll be sending it over for some work if that's ok, Mike
  5. I was just talking to that guy about that Couturier jersey... He's a character that's for sure I mean, he has a right to ask whatever price he wants, but when the Watson night Coots goes for $450 and the Brindy one ended at 550 you gotta be realistic
  6. He had a size 56 Devils home at $145 for whatever reason Just that one
  7. Awesome! Always nice to see someone land one they've been after for a while
  8. I think JerseyBaron might still have some TI Bruins, not sure if you're only looking for customized GISomebody (TylerTreats?) or another ducks guy had a GI Getzlaf i think in the sale thread within the last month or two
  9. Not yet, i'm hoping tomorrow is the day
  10. Gotcha Anything wrong with it? If it's that legit i figure someone would've grabbed it by now
  11. Am i missing something? Still a classic jersey noob lol
  12. True-- i don't usually get emails about shipping but i have gotten invoices at the time of completion, that's what i was hoping for Waiting on a Hedman as well, can't wait to see it!
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