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  1. Nameplates Needed

  2. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

    Hahahaha. I’ll plead the fifth
  3. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Might have to do with Lou being gone? Any credence to this? I remember someone saying he didn’t want the gamers being sold for some reason. (Referring to Lamiorello and the Leafs)
  4. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?


    Probably someone in the Peg who will make it a Laine
  6. Possible Mario Lemieux team issued?

    Here is my 2 cents. 1) Don’t get caught up in customization details regarding location and gaps. Things like spacing and gaps are great for photo matches but when you compare 1 gamer to another it doesn’t mean too much. My example is based on the same era Canucks. Back number height and width and placement was all over the map. Same with Nameplates. 2) that said it could be a blank team issued size 54 and the details in pencil can indicate the pit to put width (27.25 x 2 = 54.5) size 54 and length from top of collar to bottom hem. Some customizers use this info to determine number placement and size. The “66” in pencil likely was to indicate who to customize the jersey for. Based on the front “C” and some name details it’s probably a blank customized by a third party after the fact.
  7. eBay version 4.0

  8. eBay version 4.0

    Here’s something for everyone who experiences the craziness of shipped items going all over. I live in the same city as a main Canada Post sorting facility which has no advantages despite what you might think. However I DID discover the answer to why some items go across the country “in error” only to come back to the place it left. So here is the example. Item was sent to me from Los Angeles up to Vancouver. The item got from LA to Van in 2 days. Then the tracking showed Van to Edmonton... HUH? Why the F would it go there. Then sat for 3 days and came BACK to Vancouver. Next day it was delivered. So I asked a friend who works for Canada Post and it all made sense. Items shipped from other countries using cheap option tracking (non priority or express) enter the country and go through initial customs. When Canada Post showed the item in Vancouver the first time it was actually in the possession of Canadian Customs despite not showing it. Customs then decides WHERE to send the item to put it into the possession of Canada Post. It just so happened the processing queue in Edmonton was shorter than the local queue and it went there. Canada Post then is officially handling the item for the first time and sent it to Vancouver for delivery. So chain of ownership is Sender to USPS to Canada Customs to Canada Post to Receiver. But tracking showed as Sender to USPS to Canada Post to Receiver. This is my guess for all the situations described above where it goes to random cities within the country and perhaps in Europe other parts of the EU.
  9. Anyone ever seen a TI 2.0 with single reinforced fight strap?

    Yes I have seen the Canucks have some like that. Usually smaller sized TI which was basically identical to a retail authentic without neck tag. (54 and under)
  10. Infamous Blues Third Killed by Mike Keenan

    Would be really interested in this when you post it!

    I’m not even remotely close to knowing enough about Avs jerseys to be called anything like an expert however over the years I did speak to a few interesting individuals who worked for the organization. One of them was a former equipment manager who told me that the guys would take a jersey and rotate it in for a player to wear and then rotate it out and keep it for personal collections. This alledgedly happened with the Big 3 (Sakic, Forsberg, Roy) in the early 2000s. Based on that information alone I think personally a lot of people may be Leary when a listing says it was worn in X season but has all the signs of being from Y season. Photo match would be needed for sure to ease my mind on something like that.
  12. Need help removing iron on patch

    Go and buy pure Acetone. Flip the jersey inside out so you can apply the acetone to the fabric area that is directly under the patch. In a well ventilated area apply the acetone which will soak into the material and break the bond between the iron on adhesive and the jersey fabric. Slowly peel the patch and control the acetone to not spread to other areas. Once the patch is off wash with water and detergent. Then you can tackle any residue remaining where the patch was with more acetone from the top side this time. Repeat till clean.
  13. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

  14. It is good or not?

    I honestly think false advertising is happening here. Think about this as an everyday comparable. What if you went to a Steakhouse and on the Menu it said - World Famous Filet Mignon - Our famous recipe created by Chef ABC in 2005 - $15.99. You might think, Gee that’s a pretty amazing price, I think I’ll get that famous chef steak that usually costs $34.99. So your order arrived at the table and based on the information in the menu you had which determines what to order, would you be okay with the server bringing you a Salisbury Steak from a can that looks like the Filet... kind of... and tastes meaty enough to be called steak... kind of. I guess the fundamental point here is that when it comes down to the basics, Adidas can sell whatever they want to consumers but to create targeted advertising that says a product is one thing when it so clearly is not can only be false advertising.
  15. Permanent Crease?

    Okay. Not intending any offence but just a question. Are these legit jerseys? Reason I ask is that creases aren’t usually that hard to remove unless incorrectly folded and stored which is VERY common on counterfeits and the material they use which is more plastic than vinyl is prone to deep creasing which likely is harder to remove. Just want to make sure you didn’t get burned on jerseys and are trying to salvage garbage but removing perma creases!