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  1. chow_hound

    AHL hem Patches and Canuck Place patches

    Added ahl patches.
  2. chow_hound

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Anyone got an original 92-93 Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch. Looking for one after selling my last few not knowing I’d need one. 😣 thx!
  3. chow_hound

    1993 Denis Savard Cup Finals jersey help....

    Savard played game 1 and left in the first period after 3 shifts. He had a broken foot and got reinjured. Yes he wore the A in that game.
  4. chow_hound

    The Want List

    Anyone have an Original Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch from 92-93. I had a handful of these and sold them. Just need 1. Please PM me.
  5. chow_hound

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    I have a couple screen grabs and 1 high res. PM if you want em. You need more features to say a concrete match but the back 3 has a thicker black border on the left than the right. You can see it in the pics.
  6. chow_hound

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Yup that was me. And the discussion was that the team was ABLE to sell made in a Canada jerseys but the price was $450 CAD and was set by Adidas MSRP based on what Adidas charged the team. The Canucks have sold off some MIC blanks and of course GI and GW already. I do not however know if there is a distinguished difference between the TI and a “Retail” MIC. I would imagine all MIC are Team Issue at this point. “Retail Adidas MIC jerseys” may not become a thing like they did when Reebok did 2.0’s for retail sale.
  7. 2x AHL round hem patch. Originals! $10 each 2 Original Never sewn or used Vancouver Canuck Place patches. These are Super hard to find legit originals, let alone mint unsewn condition. 1 is a 1992-1994 version and the other is 1995-1996 version. Yes there are different versions of this patch however to most they look the same. Can explain to anyone interested. Price is $20usd each including shipping to Canada or USA
  8. chow_hound

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Don’t sweat it. The gamers didn’t match anyways. https://sports.ha.com/itm/hockey-collectibles/uniforms/1994-wayne-gretzky-game-worn-and-signed-all-star-jersey/a/7160-80123.s The shade of purple also faded with washing if you buy a pre owned jersey for plates. I know this first hand as I washed one in cold and it turned the towel I had in there with it a pale lavender.
  9. chow_hound

    Question about 95-96 Ducks alternate

    100% Airknit for every alternate jersey in 95-96. They were all dye sublimated designs.
  10. chow_hound

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    I’d say legit.
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  14. chow_hound

    eBay version 4.0

    Gilmour is the sound of Pink Floyd (Vocal and Guitar) but Waters is the essence (Lyrics, theatrics, stage show). One of my all time favourite bands. Too bad Richard Wright died before they could pull a Rolling Stones and do a world tour in their 70s...
  15. chow_hound

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    That Richer with the “C” is cool. Never knew he wore it! Whoever did the customization put it a little too close to the crest tho. Should be by the far Grey “Rain” line.