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  1. Zoomed in via dsl135's twitter link photo, you can make out the usual stitched on patches you see on Edge authentics. If you opt to wait for the possibly to snagging a 2.0 either through team overstock or JB, I'm sure they will not feature premier-esque screenprint patches.
  2. In no particular order: Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Vancouver Canucks Alternative New York Islanders Stadium Series-Turned-Alternate Washington Capitals Alternate (2011 Winter Classic) Colorado Avalanche Away
  3. Wow... awesome collection! Thanks for adding a brief description/history blurb for each jersey.
  4. mac1124

    It is good or not?

    mfitz, you indirectly answered my question, so it works out in the end haha. Thanks! I was under the impression that the Lextra shields (most prominent in the newer releases - Stadium Series, ASG) are fairly thin from photos here and there, but LAK74, your photo of Clifford's gamer seals the deal!
  5. mac1124

    It is good or not?

    Hey LAK74 (and others who may be able to help me out), I've recently started frequenting Ice Jerseys again after a brief hiatus and noticed the term Lextra come up more often. I can see some of the differences in the material and the Lextra shields certainly look a lot flatter. I am curious if that has a major effect on the thickness when sewn on the jersey. Would they be as pronounced as the Edge 1.0/early release 2.0's (à la tb426's photo)? Hope you all don't mind that I quoted a photo and a justifiable place for a quick question/answer/photo answer. Cheers all!
  6. Nice find and thanks for posting! Never really gave it much thought when I see the Capitals wearing their Winter Classic-turned-full time alternate jerseys and Ovie's having shorter sleeves à la this photo, clearly showing where his sleeves end and the elbow mods begin. Always nice to see these personalized modifications and definitely agree about the Locomotiv patch.
  7. Congrats on the early-Christmas present pick up. Perhaps this PDF news release from the St. Luke’s Public Relations Coordinator from Feb. 12th, 2007 in anticipation of the Feb. 17th game could be of help? The description of the jersey almost matches the one you posted (except the red stripe down the side, unless they mean down the side of the sleeves on either arm..?) Good luck!
  8. Nothing like a little friendly banter! In all seriousness though, really appreciate it "Berg" and "Hossa"!
  9. It has been forever since I've been on the "It Arrived Today" thread, but I come bearing my first ever authentic (albeit Edge 1.0) jersey, courtesy of my family as a belated birthday gift (I certainly don't mind the wait)! It is very exciting to start on a path away from Premier jerseys and into the sacred land of the Authentics!
  10. Awesome pick ups! A bit surprised that Markstrom was given a vector home jersey, though it makes a bit of sense as he backed up all the games (limited exposure) while wearing the wordmark third jersey for his first Canucks start against the Flames.
  11. I have never used Central Crests before. I understand they do the official customization for the Canucks but I have heard too many less than favourable stories. I have brought my jerseys to Pacific Coast Cresting and they do a great job on them. It doesn't hurt that they customize the on-ice official Vancouver Giants jerseys. Best of luck!
  12. mac1124

    It is good or not?

    I can't comment on the Habs ones. Don't want to give out false information. However, the Rask looks legit and good to go.
  13. mac1124

    New arrivals v5.0

    Thanks to guam94, jerseymikea, rabinsurance and cowboys for your combined research and insight towards my question about the size jock tag on the preseason Phantoms jersey.
  14. Now that the boards have been running smoothly for a couple days, has anyone else stopped receiving emails for their thread subscriptions?
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