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  1. Anyone ever get a jersey from Germany?

    I never had trouble when I send my stuff out to the US or Canada.
  2. JustAnothaVictim is selling...

  3. Nameplates Needed

    I'm looking for a white Starter Mesh nameplate.
  4. It arrived today v.

    I would really do some research on that one. It looks like the PP logo in the hem used to be covered for the pre-season 2000-01. They usually remove the NHL 2000 patch for that occasion. Maybe you can ask Joe Tomon from this site for infos. http://www.jjdistributing.biz/index.html
  5. 2014-15 Season Jersey Updates League-Wide

    Looks like they're going back to the 12 inch number instead of the (almost) 10 inch.
  6. It arrived today v.

    Try to iron it. Cover the numbers and letters with a wet piece of white cotton cloth and gor for it.
  7. It arrived today v.

    It's a size 52
  8. It arrived today v.

    I'm not sure what to do with the Lafontaine but that Messier is definitely staying. At least 3 jerseys less on my wantlist
  9. It arrived today v.

    My most recent additions:
  10. customization laugher

    Didn't know where to put this. Just wanted to share this piece http://www.ebay.de/itm/NHL-Trikot-jersey-New-York-Rangers-99-Wayne-Gretzky-RAR-selten-SIZE-L-oldschool-/171390317069?pt=Sport_Alle_Sportbekleidung&hash=item27e7a8b20d
  11. RBK 6100 - 1st Edge jersey?

    Maybe the slug jersey was the first introduction to the 2.0 jersey materials? Who knows?
  12. It arrived today v.

    ok, thank you for the info. just can't seem to find any pics.
  13. It arrived today v.

    My most recent addition. Does anyone know if he wore the "A" in 1995-96 or SC Finals patch or both at the same time?
  14. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Make it a Doug Weight rookie jersey
  15. No, it's not mine but I assume it's a stacked lettering because you can see the seam around the white layer reflecting the flashlight.