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  1. Looking for 80’s and potentially early 90’s authentics. Please reach out if you have any available.
  2. Any of these guys about.... 48 and up Canadiens small block Roy, Naslund, Chelios Maple Leafs Double Patched Clancy, Heart & Stroke Kings Dione, Nicholls Jets ‘85 Hawerchuk (forever in your debt) Hull Blues (ideally small block) Lemieux Penguins (up to ‘92) Gretzky Kings Big block (‘Paulina or Ty’ style) Sakic Nordiques
  3. Nice job on the Maska Leafs. Excellent reclamation project, well done.
  4. Excellent jersey Josh! I was tempted to have a run at that myself because it’s just pretty awesome and as you mentioned a wicked font. Glad it’s with a Flyers collector, congrats.
  5. Jeez, That’s basically got to be like a youth authentic.
  6. Great pickup. Nice one, must feel great. 👍
  7. Full list added, would also do trades for 80’s stuff and and cash or trade multiples if necessary.
  8. For sale or trades welcome for 80’s or early 90’s. Lots of jerseys. All lettered accurately to spec. For sale, trade offers welcome for 80’s or early 90’s stuff. PayPal G&S plus $20 shipping anywhere in the world. Lots of jerseys. All lettered accurately to spec. Anaheim Ducks 2.0 Selanne 58 $200 Detroit Red Wings CCM #56 Red 56 Datsyuk $220 Detroit Red Wings CCM 56 Datsyuk $220 Florida Panthers KOHO 56 Red Bure $170 Florida Panthers KOHO 56 Navy Bure $170 Florida Panthers 2.0 58 White Jagr $230 New Jersey Devils 2.0 58 Kovalchuk $170 New York Islanders RBK 6100 52 Yashin $150 New York Rangers CCM 52 Jagr $220 New York Rangers KOHO 52 Jagr $220 New York Rangers RBK 6100 58 Jagr $220 Pittsburgh Penguins 2.0 56 Malkin $210 Philadelphia Flyers RBK 6100 56 Forsberg $200 Philadelphia Flyers 2.0 Orange 58 Jagr $200 Quebec Nordiques CCM 52 Forsberg $500 Washington Capitals 1.0 58 White Ovechkin $200 Washington Capitals 2.0 56 White Ovechkin $200 Washington Capitals 2.0 54 White Ovechkin $200 Lutch Malkin Magnitogorsk 54 $90 each Lutch Blue Ovechkin Dynamo 54 $80 Pictures can be found here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/138331974@N06/albums/72157711610387698
  9. Looking for a bit of a shake up so looking for the following ISO small block CCM or other 80’s authentics. Have lots to trade potentially.
  10. I’m as picky as they come, but yeah man you crazy! 😜 I would have no issue putting Robitaille on it.
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