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  1. Nice adds, even air knit on the Kings, Noice
  2. Yeah I’m at 12 weeks for one jersey, just gotta wait it out I guess.
  3. I’m sorry but that new Hurricanes road is a total fail. Would be fine with the wordmark replaced with the main logo but the whole nickname thing doesn’t work for me.
  4. Anybody have a original NHL cares Katrina patch?
  5. Not necessarily related but I have noticed that they have been very quite media wise for a few months. No KJ live or podcasts etc. Again not necessarily related but I thought it was slightly odd. Just assumed they were super busy.
  6. Nice blues add, I really need a white myself for #91.
  7. Anybody have white edge material? Long enough for 9 letters.
  8. Neither. Single sublimated letter with the stitching on top to simulate multiple layers.
  9. Still looking for a original Capitals 35th Anni patch. I would also take a correctly sized repro also as the ones on eBay are too big. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Nice Kopitar, was super tempted but the white Kovalchuk with the sale but with import fees just made it not doable. Probably not a bad thing....
  11. Beauty Kovy, on my to do list also. Yup, Got to agree with this. They got it right first time around.
  12. A real sweet bossy you got there man.
  13. Thanks for clarifying, I have to admit I would have thought keener would have know these should be stacked. I have an Avalanche coming back from them currently and I did specify stacked so fingers crossed.
  14. Is that burgundy alt kiss cut? Is that burgundy third kiss cut?
  15. I re-used the nameplate on my capitals. Worked absolutely fine.
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