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  1. Had I not gone with vintage ProPlayer 550, I was going to go Premier myself. No way I'd spend the kind of cutter on what Reebok is calling an on-ice "authentic" these days...
  2. Hi and welcome, if it's a 550, they run a little bigger sized than the current Edge jerseys, I believe, so you should be fine with an XL. I'm 6'2" 215 and wear XL-XXL in 550s. Ironically I've heard some of the Edges actually have longer sleeves despite tighter chests. I've never tried one on though, so can't say for sure.
  3. Nope, it was the one in Mt. Laurel, NJ on Eastgate Drive, but like I said, could have been my eyes messing with me.
  4. Odd... I *swore* I saw a rack of authentic edges with the patch at a ######'s in the Philly metro area during holiday week. Maybe they just happened to have the replicas on the same upfront display with the authentics and I just didn't notice since I'm not a Flyers fan.
  5. Glad I was directed to this thread. Patchcollectibles had every patch I needed to do a 97 Cup Konstantinov and 98 Cup Fedorov and I had my patches in hand the day after I ordered them (luck would have it, they are near me in New Jersey). I definitely recommend them.
  6. Very good info all, glad I went with the Pro-Players instead of the CCM then, it's a bit hard for a newbie like me to follow. As the late 90s Wings teams wore airknit Nike, I will be staying pretty historically accurate as opposed to not knowing what the heck I'm looking at with all the CCM variances and ending up with the wrong sort of base.
  7. *doublepost* sorry, it is so much harder to trackit in hockey. Can anybody give a run through on the known types of fabrics, along w/ pros and cons, and what gets used on what? Thanks for the replies and Happy New Year!
  8. I take it then from this info that my Pro-Player replicas are airknit then and not ultrafil? New to hockey collecting and there's a lost more variation than with football.
  9. So what would ultrafil 550s be, newer pre-Edge replicas ala Starter, Pro-Player, Nike?
  10. Ok, somebody lay it out for me, is there a difference between a 550 replica and and "ultrafil" one?
  11. I'm a noob, granted, but it would feel wrong to me to get a WC jersey for a player that has/will never play in a WC... go with somebody you like in the game. The authentics look pretty nice this year, from what I've seen.
  12. I have to say, with respect to RBK Edge replicas, I agree 100%. If you are going to go replica, go with a Pro-Player 550 vintage if you can. I got two recently, and they are amazing. I know Akteon will confirm...
  13. I've noticed for most sports, post end-of-season is the best chance. For example, I was buying NFL jerseys on Fox Sports Store at 60% off just after the ProBowl. Also, fansedge always has killer coupon codes.
  14. Thanks guys, I sure am glad I did all this homework with you guys first and went with the Pro-Player 550s then. I almost crapped myself when I compared the quality and fit on one vs. a current EDGE replica. They feel almost authentic!!!
  15. Woo hoo, getting my Wings home and away Pro-Player replicas for Christmas and I can't wait to get 'em customized. Now, I have to ask. I hear you guys referring all the time to the "550" and "6100" styles--what does that mean exactly?
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