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  1. Asking for a lot but I'm in the market for a game worn Hasek Sabres--preferably a blue and gold. Serious buyer or have high-end traders.
  2. ferro39

    It is good or not?

    i still lurk, but havent posted in a while, so i havent been logged on in a long time anyhoo, if you have any questions, just shoot me a note. can obviously do better on price directly
  3. all well and good, but you still said that i lied, which i dont take kindly too--"very vague context" or not. i have never lied about a jersey and i have never intentionally mispresented an item. ever. i pride myself on my honestly and integrity and refuse to let people get away with making false claims
  4. it's unfortunate that someone would make an inflammatory claim without knowing all of the facts or even caring to read an auction. actually, i take that back. it's kind of sad. so, to summarize, i took a customized retail authentic, stripped the nameplate and a # off, inserted threads into the rear lower hem to replicate a meigray tag to give the illusion that it was once GW to sell for like $85 after fees? seems completely plausible here's the invoice in case anyone would like to see it, and furthermore, i would like an apology
  5. are you for real? how did i lie in a "very vague context"?
  6. i sold you that rangers jersey just curious what i "lied" to you about
  7. if that's ink, some rubbing alcohol and a napkin should lift it right off...and some oxi clean and a gentle tooth brush should take the yellow ones off good luck
  8. haha! we're all jersey friends here, so i can bring everyone up to speed. i reserved 3 SS jerseys in early october and was #1 on the list for all of them including ryan strome's two months before he was even recalled. at some point in january, right before the game, i sent a follow up email asking if they were taking payment info, etc to which i was told that none of the jerseys were available. the only info i was given was that the matt martin would be going to casino night and if i still wanted it, i could buy a ticket to the event and bid on it there this leaves some obvious questions: what came of the strome and clutterbuck? they went to TEAM EMPLOYEES (lol). why didnt you just reserve another jersey? well, at this point, being so close to the game, they were all reserved. yippee! hooray!!! last week mike halmo was recalled. i happened to be in front of my computer when the news was released. i emailed their jersey contact and was told it was mine. fast forward to monday and was told that it was no longer being offered for sale. i can only assume that employee #3 wanted one too. buyer beware with anything that comes from that team. this is only the top of the iceberg with them. LET'S GO ISLANDERS!
  9. those islanders jerseys are the s3cks, especially the luko
  10. i just tried messaging him, but im guessing his inbox is full. he also hasnt been active in a while. anyhoo, if someone does know him, there is a larionov farewell gamer available for sale on facebook via the iihf jersey page. i remember it being a grail shirt for him.
  11. mtlvintage13 bought 2 hats from me last month. i shipped to canada with tracking. they were delivered quickly and he just did charge backs for both through PP
  12. ferro39

    New Arrivals v6.0

    just saw that on facebook. it is a beauty.
  13. yeah, i would say that they're in between premiers and authentics quality wise. i would actully say closer to authentics, to be honest.
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