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  1. With the exception of the Red Wings I want whoever beats my team to go all the way...at least then we lost to the eventual champs right?
  2. Thank you very much! 1) I thought having the set tag was unusual - and 50/50 doubted it at that point (but that little voice in my head was going 'maybe...maybe'). I also wanted to make sure my understanding of what a set tag is was correct. 2) There is a size tag, but its plain black and just says 52. There is also a patch just below the neck saying 'Greztky' However still having the black sizing tag in there...dang 4) I can see the color difference a bit now - some might be the photos but even looking at the jersey I can see it 5) The Rangers difference is quite subtle (until I put the pics side by side). ###### looks like I got tricked. The good news is I'm not out a lot of money and still have a Gretzky - just now become a jersey to wear until I can afford a real Gretky authentic. Thanks for all the help tho!
  3. Were you refering to mine? And if so, what was it that suggested its a fake to you?
  4. One of my all time goals has been a Gretzky jersey. Can't get Oilers (Flames fan) or Kings (Coyotes fan) so went with NYR Anyone know what this patch inside the hem means?
  5. I can add to this - the reason why the Leafs didn't want to do so is they argued that revenues from programs would be reduced. It was the 77-78 season where this was made mandatory. As for jerseys I wouldn't be caught dead wearing: Oilers (except for Gretzky) and Red Wings.
  6. Been a fan of hockey since 1997 when I first started playing. My team was the Blackhawks so naturally I supported Chicago at first...but then I fell in love with Coyotes logo and Jersey as well as the Tkachuk-Roenick-Tocchet line. Ever since they have been my team. My second team is the Flames - Purely because of Iginla tbh. Geography be damned when you support from 6000 miles away haha.
  7. Another fine suggestion. I'm leaning towards Doan-er at this stage simply cause he is who I think of when I think of the Coyotes. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  8. For sure. I'm thinking I will get the Doaner. As you said, 1000th game, team captain and lets be honest - its Shane Freaking Doan lol. I've costed it out on IJ - but its Fan Appreciation night at the Job at this game - heard somewhere they do 40% off sales during these nights. If ya'll are there or watching on TV look out for 'New Zealands #1 Coyotes Fan' sign.
  9. Hey everyone I'm picking up my first authentic this sat at the Job (Coyotes vs Oilers). Trying to decide if I wanna get a #19 Doan © or a #22 Stempniak. On the one hand Doan-er is the 'face' of the team, and is the first name that comes to mind when I think of the Coyotes The flip side of it is that the Desert Ninja is having a hell of a year and no matter what the Jersey will be a reminder of that year. Hoping they have them on sale at the Job - if not will pick it up on IJ.
  10. How about Shane Doan - 14 years with the Jets/Yotes?
  11. I wear mine all the time. Granted I only own 4 Jerseys and all are replicas (Old style Coyotes #7, Flames Vintange #12 Iginla, White Blue Jackets (CCM) no number and now a Coyotes 3rd no number). Got the Coyotes 3rd today specifically to have a Black training Jersey. Looking to pick up an Authentic 3rd (#19 Doan) at the game vs Oilers - this one will NOT be used for practice haha.
  12. El-Cheapo replica off TradeMe (NZ's eBay) arrived today. Got this for $57.50 (about USD40). Proplayer replica - XXL. To my eyes the 'real deal'. A great steal for a white training jersey for me
  13. My first jersey in over 10 years arrived today! YAY! Sure its a replica, but i love it. The colors are so vibrant and great! My fiance got it for my for christmas but only managed to get it shipped to me today on the other side of the world.
  14. Bumping an old topic here, but I'm sold on the Beasts seccondary logo with the destroyed goal..freaking amazing!
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