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  1. Sounds like a solid plan gang- who do you send your jerseys to; to well, be stripped? What does something like that cost?
  2. So I've decided that I wanted to start a new jersey project; it's actually been quite some time but I've run into some snags (no pun) intended. I am trying to procure a size 58 Edge 2.0 "wordmark" Burgundy Colorado Avalanche home jersey blank. For the life of me, I cannot find one ANYWHERE. I've tried e-bay for months without any luck and Avalanche jerseys (and lots of other Avs merchandise) seems to be even harder to find retail. Super frustrating. Anyway- I have a couple of ideas A) Find a blank retail- does anyone know if you can purchase these retail anywhere? I've looked at Altitude Authentics and have never been able to find anything other than lots of premiers and already customized Edge jerseys. B ) Purchase a Game-Issued jersey through MeiGray, strip it, and have Denver Athletic Re-Do it. 1. For those of you who use Denver Athletic on a frequent basis; will they strip a jersey and then re-do it or do you need to send it in stripped and have them start from scratch. 2. For those of you have stripped an Avalanche Edge jersey nameplate; what is the difficulty level here? I've never stripped an edge nameplate before and I REALLY don't want to cause more of a problem. Any help from other Avalanche jersey collectors (and other knowledgeable folks) would be awesome! Thanks guys!
  3. Any advice on this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Colorado-Avalanche-Patrick-Roy-Career-Stats-display-jersey-sz56-/140936349831?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item20d0760887
  4. ARightByRoy

    "Stats" Jerseys

    I'm sure you've all probably seen a "Stats"- embroidered jersey. It's basically an authentic jersey with the player's stats embroidered on the negative space of the jersey. Lame. Anyway, There is a particular jersey I'm interested in picking up, but I'd obviously want to strip all of the "Stats" junk off of it. Anyone have any luck removing all of that embroidering while keeping the integrity of the fabric. Thanks for the help.
  5. I've spent several months trying to track down a Colorado Avalanche [Away] Burgundy Koho Size 58. I've been looking here and on Ebay, but no luck- Do these come up from time to time or is there anywhere else I should be looking. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys.
  6. Stupid question...Are there any 2011-2012 "Reebok" wordmark jerseys available at retail or have they yet to hit?
  7. I purchased this Joe Sakic Retirement patch this morning and now I'm having my doubts. Can anyone verify authenticity? I have already called Altitude Authentics and Bill Sports Collectibles in Denver without any success. So if anyone has one of these, I'd be ever so grateful if you'd sell me one. Here's the link Sakic Patch
  8. So I think I made a horrible error...well, it'll only cost me like 8 bucks, but still. I think I purchased a bogus or reproduction Joe Sakic retirement patch from E-Bay. Anything I've seen on the gamers looks a little higher quality with maybe a few more layers. Can anyone assist on this? Also, does anyone have an authentic patch for sale or know where to get one? Any help would be appreciated. Here's the link My link
  9. So...I know that I could have probably found most of this information by hunting around, but I don't trust myself as far as authenticity,etc. goes. You guys are the out and out best so I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me with a couple of questions in regards to a couple of Avalanche jerseys. 1. I am looking for the Joe Sakic retirment patch, I want an authentic, not a reproduction, etc. Are any of them on E-bay legit? Otherwise- is there an online seller that sells authentic copies? Altitude Authentics at Pepsi Center no longer has any and I'm kicking myself for not picking one up. 2. I am sure I'm not alone- but I am looking for an authentic Avalanche Edge jersey with the "Reebok" word mark as opposed to the "RBK" vector logo used previously. Any information on this would be helpful, but from what I can tell is that these are maybe only team issued at this point and I wouldn't be able to find one retail. 3. I purchased the Peter Forseberg retirement patch this weekend at Pepsi Center and it has an iron-on glue backing, I've seen the tutorial provided in the Sticky and I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and is this the correct way to go about attaching it to an authentic jersey? I would be doing this for my Duchene jersey as well as my planned Landeskog jersey, See #2. Yeah... 4. Will Denver Athletic sew these on for me? I have a Duchene authentic customized by Denver Athletic and I am super happy with it. Also, does anyone know if I can go and drop them off at a store front/office etc. Also, what would they charge to sew a patch onto a jersey. 5. Thank you for reading...I know it's sort of "rambly"- but I trust you guys. You all have such a bevy of information and I figured you wouldn't mind helping me out. Have an awesome day!
  10. That Avs jersey is all-kinds of weird replica too. I've seen a few of these around The Can, weird. Just weird. They also make them in a primary black. I never really understood the whole "change the colors around" business, why they do this with MLB merch is beyond me.
  11. I know that it doesn't have anything to do with the Stamkos/Brodeur grab-bag that I was unfortunately too late to throw down on...but I still have an XXL Predators Premiere home and a size 42 CSKA White if anyone needs to trade, etc.
  12. Does anyone know where to purchase IIHF team socks? Specifically Sweden? I'm not sure if Nike makes them since they make the jerseys, but boy, would I like to find a pair.
  13. It also happens to be just my size...*sigh* and the price *double-sigh*
  14. Does anyone know where I can purchase a '94 Olympics Reebok Team Sweden jersey, with or without customization?
  15. So here are a couple of Av's Alternates concepts I did, they're terrible and in Paint...but just imagine.
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