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  1. 2000-01 Columbus Blue Jackets Ron Tugnutt Home Set 1 (Inaugural Season) - worn during first season, one small repair, post paint and decent goalie wear. 2015-16 Columbus Blue Jackets Boone Jenner Alternate 2015-16 Columbus Blue Jackets Oliver Bjorkstrand Road - rookie season 2015-16 Columbus Blue Jackets Seth Jones Home - CBJ Debut, repair on right sleeve, size tag cut out
  2. Is there a source for team patches? When I asked JB a few months ago, he couldn't get the Blue Jackets patch. I'd love to have one of these, but if I can't get the patch to properly do a Johansen or Folgino there's no point. Does EPS have them?
  3. This is cool. They should do a companion video showing young kids in poorly lit warehouses in Indonesia creating the crap they sell fans as "authentics"
  4. was ready to move on one of these and found out he can't get the Columbus team patch - soooo.... Can't see plunking down $300++ on an authentic if I can't have it customized properly. . Is there any hope?
  5. I'd love to get one of these. Hard to buy a blank for almost $400 though. Thought I might try trading my blank 2.0 CBJ alternate, which is the only 2.0 outside of the locker room I've ever seen, but no dice. :/
  6. 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets Brandon Dubinsky Alternate - light wear, modified sleeves and NHL shield. 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets Boone Jenner Alternate
  7. As some of you know, CBJ went from handling their own jerseys with the in-arena store to using Meigray. Prices were pretty steady, although rookies were at a really high premium. For me, ordering through Meigray is a lot easier than dealing with the equipment sale at the draft party, but I do miss being able to see them all at once. The arena guys did a great job with the shirts in the past, but the CBJ released very little in the past few years so it was also eye opening to have access to the entire season's allotment at once. 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets Sergei Bobrovsky Alternate - light, but noticeable wear. Bobs wears three jerseys a game, but only one set of 3 alternates all season. 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets Nick Foligno Road - great wear with 6 repairs including large cluster repair on sleeve. This is a set 1 shirt, and he wore the A towards the end of that set in mid December. 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets Scott Hartnell Home - light wear, set 2. NHL shield modified
  8. Seems I have more going out than coming in as I kind of refocus, but it allows me to add stuff like this from time to time. Yeah, it's an ugly jersey, but it's meaningful to me and was worn for some significant CBJ events - home opener, inaugural season; possibly worn during the first OT GWG by Geoff. Stupidly - there are almost no images online from this season. A Getty search for Geoff Sanderson Columbus yields this wonderful photo from November 2000. Yep, no sign of Geoff or anyone else and that is it from the 2000-01 season (on Getty). At least I have been able to video match it to the home opener, so it's very cool to me that it was worn during the opening faceoff and first shift in CBJ history. I'm sure it was worn for other 'firsts' but it would be great to confirm it with a match. Anyway, Sanderson was one of my favorite early Jackets, and is more or less the first player I ever watched that really, truly seemed like an NHL player. I'm happy to add this to the road inaugural jersey of his that I obtained a few months ago. So, without further delay: 2000-01 CBJ Geoff Sanderson home jersey from the inaugural season. Velcro A, two small repairs and some stick marks. Also of note, the second "N" is really an upside down U (notice the lack of serif on one of the columns compared to the other N). This made it easy to match to video of opening night ceremonies. CBJ used Cutting Edge Sports for that first season, so the numbers are unique to that season, being reverse kiss cut (I think that's the right term) and wider and fatter. The nameplate also uses a slightly modified font with larger letters from what they've used since.
  9. Each has the sleeve cuffs taken in about an inch. None of the ones I have are hemmed, though. he also, for whatever reason, cuts the size tag out of his jerseys.
  10. First posts in awhile. 2013-15 CBJ Brandon Dubinsky Home - a 2013-14 stamped jersey that was patched for this preseason. Given the wear, this is most likely the playoff set from last season, but it is not the jersey he wore when he scored the game tying goal in game 4, much to my disappointment. This came directly from a source that obtained it from the team. My guess is this was prior to the Meigray deal. Once the Meigray deal was signed, this became disposable for the team to give away however they saw fit. I bought it even though I had the 2014-15 home Dubinsky on preorder with Meigray. It was one of those deals you go through with on the chance that it's something special or just to get something else special and keep good relations with contacts. Customized sleeves, cut size tag, as is typical for Dubi's jerseys. 2014-2015 CBJ Dalton Prout Road - unrepaired holes, stick marks - surprisingly light wear for the defenseman. 2014-15 CBJ Brandon Dubinsky Home Set 1 - Same modifications as the one above, with the addition of a trimmed shield.
  11. 2000-01 Columbus Blue Jackets Geoff Sanderson Road - light/medium wear, velcro "A"
  12. indeed it depends on the team. I'm actually looking forward to what Meigray does with the CBJ, but I'm also fully aware that most of the challenges CBJ collectors have had are due to the team itself, and not the company that previously managed the sales. The team gave away entire sets and releases scraps for a few years in a row. The 2012 draft party featured one set of alternates and some traded players or prospect home and roads in addition to several old jerseys from the early 2000s of various players or camp hopefuls. At the 2013 draft party, there were 20 new jerseys available for sale. That's it. Most of those were traded players or players that changed numbers. There were only a handful that were jerseys from current players. Finally, at the 2014 draft party, there were two full sets available of both home and road jerseys. They did very well, selling all key jerseys within hours (by key jerseys I mean Dubinsky, Bobrovsky, Jenner, Murray - all $1250 up to $1500 for Bob). I'm sure that once the season started they would have sold many of the remaining jerseys at an average of $600-800. I'm not sure why they expect they can do better than this with Meigray. That said, I like Meigray and I think they will bring a level of documentation that has been sorely lacking in the past few years - and I think they'll try to hold the team to a better standard as far as what's released. For example, last year's released jerseys were not tagged with sets so you had to look at wear to guess whether they were playoff or set 1/2. Having no set designation is kind of a pain as we all understand. While I don't really like adding more competition that comes with Meigray, I do also like the idea of preordering jerseys vs releasing them all at once at the draft party - where you don't necessarily know what's available until that day. I've talked extensively with other CBJ collectors and many feel the same way. I know there are some concerned with prices, but I tend to think recent pricing is already in line with Meigray, so I don't know that it will make much of a difference. If it does, then I am selfishly happy that I went so overboard at this year's draft party because I was able to nab several that will probably be among the higher priced Meigray items.
  13. 2013-14 Columbus Blue Jackets Ryan Murray Road - rookie jersey, kid's a stud defenseman. will be fun to watch him grow up. 2013-14 Columbus Blue Jackets Boone Jenner Road - first (and second) goal jersey, removed "C" from Traverse City tournament - ironic since many think this rookie will be a captain in the NHL someday.
  14. The funny thing is, those are the two elements that are virtually unchanged in the final design. The blue twill background is much darker, but the design is dead on to what they actually used.
  15. The modifications on that Kopecky are fantastic. I love seeing old school stuff like that on newer jerseys.
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