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  1. 2018 Olympic Jerseys

    The 2018 jerseys are truly shocking:
  2. Soccer shirts is also reliable. Subsidesports is much more expensive. Also as a note, the top part of Prowl's mail applies to current season shirts. Past season shirts and even current season shirts in the last 3 months of the season can be bought at a significantly discounted price, although the comments about things to look for still apply.
  3. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    Identical design should be used for all IIHF tournaments in the following 4 years. So unless you are fixated on Sochi you should have a decent chance to get a replica later.
  4. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    There are inaccuracies in the rosters on the Sochi website (in case of the Czech team even player numbers are mixed up). Edit: this is to the post above asking about Tatar's number, quoting does not seem to work for me
  5. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    All soccer shirts Nike produces since some 2006 is plastic bottles. So nothing new really, just moving this aspect of marketing into new sports.
  6. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    I'd just be careful with customization on that site, I am pretty sure it's not authentic.
  7. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    A better price for the Slovak jersey: Site is legit
  8. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    Here they are, looking more jersey-like:
  9. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    The jerseys don't even have the swoosh. It's either a prototype or not the real deal.
  10. 2014 Olympic Jerseys

    More Slovakia; the strips are actually the words of the national anthem: