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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum. ive got a blank Reebok 2012 dolphins jersey id like customised. Does anyone know any companies that are willing or can do the NFL fonts and numbers accurately. Thanks
  2. As far as I'm aware its money orders only. A bit daunting at first but I have never had any issues with them.
  3. Sorry late replies. I shipped them in. The turn around time is usually less than 4 weeks. Especially now that it is the offseason you might find yourself getting the jerseys back within 2 weeks. Sorry late replies. It was such a dissapointing year for us. I didn't think we'd be anything close to last year but I expected at the very least to still be watching Stars hockey at this time of year. It cost me $55 USD plus $10 return shipping for the Spezza jersey. I think his prices has gone up because I remember him charging $55 for the 08-13 jerseys when I had them done. 08-13 jerseys are 2 layered. Let me know what he ends up charging you when you drop them off, I'm curious. I also wouldn't let any other customizer do the 08-13 jerseys besides Blake's. The on ice font sizing is so odd for those jerseys. The 'A' and 'C' captaincy letters for example are not the same size as the nameplate letters.
  4. Part of me feels like the maroon used was lighter than it should be compared to the gamers I've seen but maybe I'm just being picky.
  5. Got a bunch of stuff in from Blake's Sports Lettering last week. Follow to make me insta famous. ?
  6. I doubt not going to South Korea or any Olympics will have any impact on their decision on how to deal with the World Cup of Hockey. It was a joke of a tournament but you're right, it will never equate to the Olympics unless they allow all countries to participate in the tournament. Its obvious the NHL care more about themselves than the fan or the players. Selfish IMO If you love hockey, you should care about this. Its possibly the greatest display of hockey. IMO even better than the Stanley Cup finals (unless my team was in it). I really hope the AHL, WHL etc let their players go so at least we can watch our prospects.
  7. I just wanted to add in my experience on here. I picked up a few jerseys that turned out to have several yellow stains similar to this on the https://ibb.co/k2i71F . One also had red (old ketchup?) looking stains. I didn't know what kind of stains they were or how long they had been there. I assumed it was older because of the age of the jerseys. Jerseys were both ultrafil and airknit. Like mfitz804 had recommended above I started with the tide pen which actually removed 90% of the stains. One thing to be aware of is that if you over pump the pen in the same area it can leave a circular white spot that would need rinsing to remove afterwards. So always have a cold tub of water with a pinch of detergent ready at all times (as advised by slimcutta). You do not need to rinse the jersey if it was just a quick touch up. I can confirm this. I only had to rinse one of the four jerseys because of the white spot that developed around the stain from me going crazy on the pen pump first time around. After the tide pen, whatever I couldn't remove I managed to fix with dish deteregent and that did the trick.
  8. Any Penguins Home, Away or Alternate Size 46 2011-2016. Need one with Reebok wordmark. Looking for a blank to do up as Iginla.
  9. Its kinda funny when you see players go to events and their teams give them premieres to wear. My thoughts are... seriously? Are you too cheap to let them wear an authentic? Although I know no one else cares.
  10. Why labarbera may I ask?
  11. So is the consensus here that the clear plastic covers given to you after you dry clean harmful to the jersey longtime? Do the jerseys turn yellow due to the plastic?
  12. How about that seguin snipe? I kid
  13. When you wash it after do you put in detergent? Do you think tide pen's effects only works after you've put it in the wash or does the stain disappear while you're already using the pen on the stain? Im thinking of using a tide pen on the area and then soaking and rinsing in cold water. Thoughts? Just want to get all the details before I start work on it.
  14. I've used a tide pen before but what steps do u take when it comes to a jersey? Use the tide pen on the jersey dry and then rise off that area? Do you rub back and forth with the tide pen when you're using it or do you just push down to get the fluid out then use jersey on jersey to rub?
  15. So I've got a few vintage jerseys in the mail and there's a few yellow stains on airknit and ultrafil. I read through this thread but really don't know where to start. Some people say goofoff works miracles and others are saying start with tide pen? Is goofoff mainly for glue after removal? Is there a difference considering these stains are probably Very old? I don't really want to put the jersey in the washing machine cause aside from a few stains the jerseys are practically mint.
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