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  1. Can't beat some casual sexism... 🙄
  2. bit of an obscure one: a EIHL (the UK league) referee's jersey from the mid-2000s, believed to be worn by Andrew Dalton. unfortunately photos of Mr Dalton are pretty much impossible, but I was able to find a video in which I believe this exact jersey is in, which also just happens to be a video of one of the most infamous moments in the league's history (including Wade Belak vs Eric Cairns): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjdzEDWmY_4
  3. That Avery! If you ever wanna move that...
  4. Haha! I was just as surprised scrolling through here and seeing the photos, I had to think whether it was the one I had or not.
  5. That looks very familiar! Thanks for buying from me.
  6. 2016/17 Telford Tigers home shirt, worn in a few English Premier League games by Joe Miller before he switched to Basingstoke in December. Best looking sets of shirts you'll find in the UK right now, also rare for teams to use 0 sponsors!
  7. There's a Voth gameworn on eBay right now I believe
  8. Haven't posted here for a long time but today's bundle was too good to not post. Possibly the biggest UK team haul post ever? (All gameworn unless stated) 2006/07 Newcastle Vipers 'Challenge Cup' - Matt Beveridge 2006/07 Newcastle Vipers 'Comic Relief' - Iain Fraser 2007/08 Newcastle Vipers home - Olexander Shevchenko 2007/08 Newcastle Vipers away - Pavel Gomeniuk 2008/09 Newcastle Vipers 'Playoffs' home - Jamie Tinsley 2008/09 Newcastle Vipers 'Playoffs' away - Jamie Tinsley 2008/09 Newcastle ENL Vipers (development team of Vipers) away - unnamed player 2008/09 Coventry Blaze 'IIHF Continental Cup 3rd Round' - Kim Ledgard 2009 EIHL Northern All-Stars - Jeff Hutchins 2009/10 Newcastle Vipers away - Jamie Tinsley 2009/10 Newcastle Vipers 'Fan Appreciation Night' (a charity(?) game between two teams of past and present Vipers) - Jason Tejchma 2010/11 Newcastle Vipers 'Challenge Cup' - Kyle Sibley 2012/13 Sheffield Steelers home - Lee Esders (Possibly not gameworn)
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Knights/another team get in trouble a couple of years ago for faking game worn gear?
  10. I was the one questioning about the patch. Since you never got back to me in the arrivals thread, was it straight then, or at an angle like it certainly appeared to be in the photo?
  11. I was going off how the nameplate is positioned over the numbers, it seems way closer to the edge of the 2 than central between the edges of the 2 and 4.
  12. Something looks off-centre here, I think it's the numbers
  13. It's actually 'bollocks' !
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