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  1. Hi Folks, Just coming back on to the board because I need to put some of my jerseys up for sale to anyone interested. Babies in the house now and lots of things to buy. All jerseys were customized either through Icejerseys or River City. Most purchased in the first season when Edge jerseys were introduced. All in pristine shape, only worn a couple of times at the most. I will have photos up shortly, if you wish just send me a message and I can email them as well. If serious about a purchase I can quote the shipping ahead of time for you at the post office. Preference is going through Paypal. 1. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - St Louis Blues - Dark - Erik Johnson #6 rookie jersey with "E.Johnson" on nameplate. Done by IJ. Size 52. $150 2. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Colorado Avalanche - Dark - Paul Stastny #26 (no C or A). Done by River City. Size 52. $150 3. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Dallas Stars - Dark - Jere Lehtinen #26. Done by River City. Size 52. $150 4. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Phoenix Coyotes - White - Peter Mueller #88. Done by IJ. Size 52. $150 5. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Edmonton Oilers - Dark - Sam Gagner #89. Done by IJ. Size 52. $130 (this is the dark jersey with the piping that they initially had worn, not the retro)
  2. I dream of a mid to late 80's Dark Leafs jersey, size 52, customized with Vinny Damphousse, and under $200.
  3. Must be nice to own a Kane jersey, I don't think the wife will let me have one in the house after she read an article about him, question asked was what is the ideal perfect date? Kane says seeing her in my bed the next morning... Holy crap I don't even mention the kid's name or she'll snap at me.
  4. Finny

    It arrived today

    Bought it with customization. I actually was looking at Letang or Gonchar but then thought if this indeed becomes one of those collectors pieces then might as well have the franchise guy on it. I think I'll end up getting Letang in black and I'm currently working on ordering a Malkin white with the 2009 cup patch. Then there is Staal which if they indeed go for a new 3rd then I would look at that.
  5. Finny

    It arrived today

    Here is my new Edge jersey (52). Could become a rare one if the Penguins ditch the 3rd for something new. And no this isn't off ebay, real deal.
  6. It's weird, someone on a BD sales forum made mention of icejerseys having a boxing day only sale, 15% off canadian team products excluding jerseys and 40% off customization on jerseys. Haven't seen anything so must be fabricated.
  7. Finny

    It arrived today

    What you got for Christmas is meaningless without pics I'm shocked at how quiet its been, usually everyone comes on here with their goodies.
  8. Finny

    My First Jersey

    My first jersey technically is a Leafs jersey/shirt from the 50's. Autographed by Johnny B. Got it from my old neighbor when I was a kid. I honestly don't know if it was something worn on the ice or not. It's at my parents in storage, I'll have to go get it sometime and check out the tags.
  9. They actually make the Winter classics in authentic for retail? Wow I have a decent number of contacts and I couldn't track down any except for a Chicago Blackhawks WC but I figured it was a mistake. Interesting, I really need to move south in the winter or something.
  10. Finny

    It arrived today

    This excites me, I am waiting on a baby blue 3rd Edge with Crosby. Love this jersey! I actually was considering Goligoski or Gonchar but went with the easy pick.
  11. Never put a name on a jersey you can't spell without cheating, that's my motto.
  12. Hmmm well you can't copy my choice so I'll say Red Keith #2 jersey. My collection is and will be Toews Red, Kane White, Keith in old 3rd, Seabrook in the new 3rd. Hossa doesn't even deserve customization on a jock.
  13. Yes Jerseyexpress is using stock images, you'll find that on numerous legitimate websites, I don't even know if there is a stock picture of the St Louis 3rd authentic.
  14. Buy a gamer and you got yourself a funeral suit. Just get some black pants.
  15. Finny

    It is good or not?

    I don't like the look of them, likely because they are size 46 and the fonts subsequently look oversized. That seller never has anything other then 46 for some reason.
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