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  1. http://gameworn.us/last-batch-of-zsc-lions-auston-matthews…/ Dear Collectors, As you maybe know I was selling the 15/16 Regular Season game worn Jerseys of Auston Matthews as the official Partner for the ZSC Lions organization. The regular season jerseys were sold out in less than a week!!! For all the collectors which were not able to get one of his regular season jerseys, we have now a big surprise and also a big chance to get a jersey from a future NHL superstar and maybe the long awaited Number 1 Center of the Maple Leafs organization. Will he bring back the Cup after half a century to Toronto the mecca of hockey? Maybe together with “Stammer”…we will see, but what we already know is the following… Let’s talk about your chance to get an Auston Matthews game worn jersey. The ZSC Lions gave me the last jerseys available from Auston to auction them of in a “2016 Draft Issue” auction starting this Friday 13th May on Gameworn.us and I’m very happy to announce that Gameworn.us is the official partner to run this unique auction with us. And yes Friday the 13th isn’t always an unlucky day… What is available: - His home blue Playoff jersey (worn in both home Playoff games) - His away white Playoff jersey (worn in both away Playoff games) - His home regular season back-up jersey (prepared and worn as a back-up during the whole regular season) - Last but not least his unique and only Postfinance Top Scorer home worn jersey (worn during Regular season games when he was the Team Topscorer, October 2015) -all Jerseys come with official COA from the ZSC Lions organization Date of the auction: - Start date Friday May 13th, 2016. - End date will be Friday July 10th, 2016. Opening Bids for each jersey: - Home blue Playoff USD 3’000 - White away Playoff USD 3’000 - Home blue back-up Regular Season USD 2’500 - Postfinance Top Scorer USD 3’000 Where to bid: - http://gameworn.us/auston-matthews-auctions/ Auction rules: - All bids are in USD. - Indicated the jersey you are bidding on with the provided selector. - Bids that are placed before updates but are not the high bidder will be notified via email. - The current top bidder will be confirmed by email. - Auction will not close until there have been no bids for 15 minutes after the end date. Payment and shipping costs: - All bids are subject to a 3% payment processing fee. - Payments must be received via PayPal within 48 hours of close. - Shipping to North America is $80 USD. Wish you all good luck with bidding and I’m looking forward to watch how Auston will have an immediate impact to his future NHL team. He is a beast and I had the pleasure to watch him live more than a dozen times playing at Zurich. Kind regards Manu Mafli Official Game Worn partner for the ZSC Lions organization www.swiss-gameworn.com
  2. I have one question to you...did you saw just ONE of his games live from Switzerland? I ask you because your comment is really funny...didn't dominate?! I saw more than 20 games live at the stadium...home and away...and he was dominate in almost every game... I'm by far not a Leafs fan, but this organization can be very happy to have the chance to draft him...never saw an 18 year old player that is more mature and with a professional work ethic like him. Was at the trainings too and he was always one of the last who stepped off the ice...made some shooting and skill training when others were already going to the dressing room. So if you didn't saw him live then you should not rate him...
  3. Dear Collectors , I am proud to announce that I’m working as the official partner for the ZSC Lions organization to distribute the 2015/2016 National League A game worn jerseys from projected 2016 Number 1 Draft prospect AUSTON MATTHEWS. How a request can be placed: You can place a request for a Game Worn Auston Matthews jersey by email to: manu.mafli@swiss-gameworn.com Requests will be accepted starting now. Requesters will be contacted at the end of the season on a “first come, first serve” rule. If a requester declines the offering, the next one on the list will be contacted. A request doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to get a jersey. The ZSC Lions organization always reserves the right to change the rules of the distribution process. What will be available: There will be 3 home blue sets and 3 away white sets from the regular season available . What will be the price: The price has still to be determined by the ZSC Lions organization. (Number 1 Pick price range expected) When will the jerseys be available: The jerseys will be available at the end of the season around Draft Day How will the authenticity of the jerseys be guaranteed: The Auston Matthews game worn ZSC jerseys will come with an inventory gameworn tag sewn insid e of the jersey. The tags will have an individual serial number and the LOA will also show this serial number and matches the jersey tag. LOA’s will be signed by Head of Marketing and Communication from the ZSC Lions organization. So the jerseys will be 100% genuine and gameworn. This is the only chance to get a Pro Rookie season jersey from the projected 2016 Number 1 Draft prospect. There will be no other channels to purchase these jerseys. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me by email. Kind Regards, Manuel Mafli http://gameworn.us/projected-1-draft-pick-austin-mathews-game-worn-jerseys/
  4. Realistic? $ 1'000 for a Niederreiter jersey ??
  5. New addition from possible 2016 number 1 pick. Authentic on ice playerjersey ZSC Lions #34 Auston Matthews and game used U18 WC Puck signed.
  6. It looks like you just know your own country....lol...post of the year that Zurich is in Russia... We too don't like the Russians here...but good try...
  7. Slim on the tag it's clearly written Air-knit. Do you wanna tell me that this could be a gamer?
  8. Here are some more.... But I have no clue what such a rare jersey could be worth...
  9. it looks like not only Gretzky had the double tags for this games.... It had definitely never a number change.
  10. Here are some pictures of it. I think it's an Authentic...not really game worn. But what is that jersey worth as an Authentic, because it has to be very rare...
  11. Hi, Need some help with a CCM Maska Authentic jersey from 1987 Rendez Vous game. If someone has experience with Maska jerseys please pm me. Thanks Msnu
  12. Usually you expect that when someone is excited about Swedish twins.... But I'm also happy with my Sedin jerseys for the moment...
  13. I don't think that I can compete with his foot....
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