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  1. For his own sake I hope Miller gets traded.
  2. It looks like the only merch. link on their site leads to their auctions (which do freeze up). I've had it load, then go to the crash message. If I get any other results today I will let you know. Goodluck with eBay!
  3. Thanks for the help, 4! I was able to purchase the jersey online from their team store. I appreciate your help! -Close Thread-
  4. Hey jeff! I appreciate the potential to help! What I'll do, since both teams have told me they were hoping to have more jerseys to sell after tonight (wednesday), I'm going to see if they will be available for sale online in the coming days. If all else fails I would love to contact you about picking one up! Again, thank you for your help, Jeff!
  5. I had seen that on before! Fantastic quality considering it's age!
  6. Hey, all! So, the Frozen Frontier jerseys for Rochester and Lake Erie were introduced today. Unfortunately, the jerseys are only being sold in the Rochester store. I live in Maryland and work crazy hours. My question would be, can someone in that area pick up one of each of their jerseys for me and I would pay you back for them? Is that even a thing anyone would be willing to do? If so, I would greatly appreciate it or any help you can send my way!
  7. I'm pretty annoyed they don't have any Caps jerseys up on their site. I always thought it would be cool if they started expanding into AHL teams...Lots of possibilities there.
  8. This is great! Keep the excuses coming, all!
  9. Great story! Let me know if you've got leads on anything from Cleveland, please, Lou!
  10. Everyone has a reason. Care to share yours? I prefer older jerseys mainly for the historic value. Also, they tend to look way cooler to me. What are your reasons, folks?
  11. I was really hoping this would make a come back... Absolutely love this jersey design.
  12. Any word on if the Flyers are still looking to trade some other players? I read the Rangers were having a fire sale as well...Hopefully this gets more interesting.
  13. Thank you for the help, and merging the posts! Very much appreciated!
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